Notices to Parents

Dear Parents

End of Year Shared Lunch Celebration
Next Wednesday the 14th of December, Room 18 will be having a shared lunch to celebrate our  amazing year together. Our lunch will be starting at 12.30 (for parents who may like to drop food off). If your child could please bring a plate of finger food to share that would be great.

Thanks so much parents for your support this year!

Kind regards

Mel Notley

Notice for EOTC
Howick Historical Village:
September the 9th we are heading off for a fun day at Howick Historical Village. Your child's money  and permission needs to come into class as soon as possible please. It is $16.00 and can be paid via an online payment or cash sent in an envelope.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:
Wednesday 10th August we have our parent/teacher conferences where you can come in to discuss your child's learning journey this year. If you would like to book for an interview time, you can go onto this link and book in. - The event code is: wjc7r
It would be great to see you all!
Mrs Notley

Circus challenge!!
May 3rd - $11.00
On Tuesday we will be lucky enough to have Clinton coming in to put on a circus act for us and teach us a few of his tricks.
Don't forget your payments!

Mrs Notley :)

Hi Room 18 students and parents

On Friday the 15th of April (last day of term) we are all going to have a shared lunch to finish off our Diversity Inquiry unit. If you could all please bring an item of food to share that represents your Country of study or as close as you can get to it. Thanks

Mrs Notley :)

Hi Parents

Just a friendly reminder to those of you who haven't paid for the Mathletics subscription for the year, it is due in now ($30). Students who have not paid by next Friday will be removed off the system. I am hopeful that all of our class can use Mathletics for this year in our learning as it's a great tool and very fun for the students.


Mrs Notley :)

Hi Parents

On this page I will add any information I think may be important to you to keep you up to date with the goings on in Room 18 and school wide. I understand sometimes students lose notices for things and parents are left not knowing what's happening. Hopefully this is helpful to you. If you can check in frequently it may solve some upcoming issues!

Tui team pizza fundraiser:
Monday of week 8 the Tui team are responsible for gathering pizza orders and collecting money ready for Tuesday when we all get to enjoy the yummy pizza! It is $2.00 a slice, if your child would like to indulge in this for lunch, please remind them to bring their money on Monday.

Monday week 8:
We have a mufti day where children can dress up in easter bunny attire or just wear normal mufti. They need to bring a gold coin donation to participate in this event.

Chromebook - Learn Alongside your Child

Dear Parents/Guardians

In response to feedback we are holding a session where parents of students in Year 4 - 8 can learn more about how we use Chromebooks at Reremoana School. This session will be set up so parents and students are working alongside each other on a Chromebook.

Thursday March 31 from 3.30pm to 4:30pm

School Library

What we will be covering:
  • How to log in
  • How to monitor gmail
  • How drive is organised
  • How to view work
  • Introduction about safety at home and at school

Things to bring :
  • Chromebook (if your child has one)
  • Child’s username and password

Please return the attached slip or email or if you plan on attending.

Kind regards
Michelle Slee
e-Learning Lead Teacher


  • I _____________________________would like to attend the session on March 31st with _________________________ (child’s name) in _____(child’s room).
  • We will use my child’s chromebook
  • We would like to use a school Chromebook
  • We know my child’s username and password
  • We need to be given my child’s username a password

I would also like to learn about the following, if time allows ...

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