Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Describe a family member...

Hi Rm 18 families! We have been learning how to describe people or objects with better vocabulary and with more detail. See if you can guess who our students are that we are describing below. :)

LI: To describe a family member using 'show don't tell'
SC: to use interesting and exciting adjectives
to make sure we cover eyes, hair, skin, age, body, character and personality

My family member

This family member is very caring and kind towards me. He takes me to Monday morning and night band. He comforts me when i’m sad or lonely and he makes me feel special when he is around me. He makes promises to me when i’m sad so I can feel better. He is very busy in the week but is free to do what he likes with me in the weekends. This family member goes to bed late to make sure me and the rest of my family is safe during the night. This family member is proud of me when I do something good at school or if I try something new whether it’s a food or a new activity. This family member sometimes gets angry very easily but after giving him the space he needs he comes back and apologizes to the person.

This family member is very tall and has short brown hair. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday he is dressed fancy. On those days he wears a work shirt, plain black pants and plain black shoes. He has blue eyes and smells often like deodorant. In the weekends he wears scruffy pants and a jumper that I like because it soothes me when I see it.

This family member likes to do things with the computer. In his spare time he helps around the house and spends time with his family. He helps with the foster children and bathes them at night before they go to bed.

By Isabella

This person is crazy and she’s proud of it whenever we go to her house we always do a lot of climbing fences.she has a pool and she goes swimming when it something like 6॰ which is freezing. she is kind and helpful but sometimes she doesn’t listen and she can be a bit mean but i love her all the same.

She has fair hair and she has blue eyes her skin tone is light she usually wears patterned shorts and a cute t-shirt and her hair is usually in a ponytail.her hair goes green in the pool.she is looks nine and acts it two but she’s ten.

She likes to hang out with her friends,family and her pets of animals.she lives in beachlands and she has a mother and her father left the family and she looks after her uncle's dog and she hates veggies like me.she has a bedroom to herself and she has her own bunk bed all to herself.she loves gymnastics and she does horse riding.

By Kate

My writing


This person is kind wonderful and loving, she loves me and I love her.
She loves her family and loves scrapbooking.
This person has black hair and white skin.
Most of the time she wears track pants or long pants.
She wears exercise t-shirts or normal t-shirts.
With a black jumper or different type of jumper.
She is also tall.

This person is funny.
He collects cardboard boxes,
And he buys machines for candy floss and bread.

By Elisa

My Family member

This person is very important to me, he is very caring and very kind to me. He is caring to me by helping me rub my foot with some cream when it was injured. Also when I want something he just buys it for me if the present is really important to me. His face might be scary sometimes but inside him he is really nice and caring to us. He is really busy I can only see him for one day in a week only because he is so busy, and when it is night time he comes back late. This person is a really hard working person but he tries to spend as much time with his family. This guy is like the protector of our family he makes sure everyone is safe and that they are healthy at the same time. The family member I am talking about he is very promising to me and my family members.

This family member has black short hair but he has a few hair that is white. He is about 1 metre and 68 centimeters and his eyes are dark brown. He sometimes put deodorant on because he smells bad when he start to sweat during the day. He has a lot of muscles that means he is very very strong. The member I am talking about he is wearing long jeans and he wears a long sleeved shirt. Also he wears glasses because he reads a lot and that made him to wear glasses. When he goes to sleep he likes to be introverted.

This family member in his spare time he likes sleeping because he barely sleeps at night time. He helps to do my chores and he makes dinner if my mum is not home, and his cooking is actually pretty good. But he doesn’t like sleeping with my brother or sisters because they don’t go to sleep when they are suppose to. Also this person really likes to eat he can eat a lot in like 5 minutes, his favourite food is burgers!!!

By Nat

She Likes playing volleyball and Netball and she likes to learn about japanese.We spend time together.She has brown hair and she is the only child.She has brown eyes and she is very tall.She is fast and pretty.She is Sporty and she makes me laugh.She is really friendly and she is nice to me.She is neally getting her car.She likes to play with her school friends.
By Caitlin

She is kind  , funny , sometimes growly .

Physical \ description.
What skin color is she  is kind  of brown.
She has shrit hear  she likes to go out for dinner sometimes
She likes to stay home when she is working at on her laptop
For work at home.

By Sarai

Family member writing
This person is a great man, kind, Generous and a great rugby player.
He does an awesome chewbacca impression.
He likes to spend time with his girlfriend, watch star wars and walk to  the dairy.

He has light  brown hair,  dark blue eyes, White skin with red dots all over, He is 17 years old ,  he is a builder  and I love him even though sometimes he is  silly.

                who do you think he is  ???

              By Keira  Emma  Johnstone

 Family member   writing

She has brown hair and sometimes mean to me and has short hair she has brown eyes and like’s to play with me and sarai outside and play on her bike and she is tall   who do you think it is??
By Jordie shannon