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Term 4 - Artist Study - Lindsay Crooks

This term we are studying the artist Lindsay Crooks and his artwork. We have done some artist profiles to learn more about him before trying out some of his art ourselves. We will make sure we put our artwork up here to keep you posted as we start creating.

Lindsay Crooks

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Lindsay Crooks was born in 1957 and died in November 2005 after a 8 month battle with cancer. Lindsay Crooks was married to Janet Weir and had 2 sons,  Lindsay Crooks parents were Margaret a latin teacher and his father was a builder. Lindsay Crooks went to Highfield primary school then went to Timaru boys high school and Otago polytechnic as well as graduating in 1978. Lindsay Crooks main subject in art was the human figure, Lindsay Crooks also had interests in surfing he soon became the over 40’s surfing champion of New Zealand in 1999. Lindsay Crooks also lived in New Zealand.

By Elisa

Lindsay Crooks

  • Lindsay Crooks died in 2005 because he had cancer and died in November.
  • His first painting was sold for $1,700 and it was called Harbour.
  • Lindsay Crooks were born in 1957
  • He lived for 48 years and if he was still living right now he would be 59.
  • He had two sons and he was married Jennett weir.
  • Lindsays Crooks interest is surfing and he became the over 40s surfing champion in 1999.
  • In 1985 he won a scholarship to attend the world youth Festival in Moscow. One of his painting hands in the Pushkin Gallery in Russia.
  • In 2000 he opened a south seas gallery in Britain.
  • He travelled overseas for two years to and then came back to become a professional artist.
  • His main subject was the human finger (he paints humans with large fingers).
  • His first school was Highfield primary school, then it was Timaru school for school, and graduated in 1978.Image result for lindsay crooks artistImage result for lindsay crooks artistImage result for lindsay crooks artistImage result for lindsay crooks artist
By Natalie

Lindsay crooks
                             In lindsay crooks paintings he              
                               Mostly uses blue for water
                                    He was born in 1957
                              He died on November 2005
                     He married a lady named Janet weir
                                  Lindsay had two sons
                            He had three careers one of                 
                         Them is highfield primary school
                And timaru boys high school and last   
                      But not least he was a fine artist
                                 Graduating in 1978
                  He also sadly died from cancer!:(

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Blue pual
By Emma

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