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Narrative Writing

This term we have been recapping how to write Narritives and Mrs Notley is pretty impressed with our work so far. That means we have been listening in class to make sure we are successful in our writing. When we write narratives we must make sure we have included the following features:
* Title
* Beginning
* Characters
* Plot
* Problem
* Middle
* Resolution
* End
We also like to include special features like onomateopaia (BOOM, CRASH!) and emotive speech!!!

Below are some of our cool narratives. Have a look to see if we are including all of the features we should be and give us some feedback below. Thanks!

Three little matuas and big bad Dylan!

One day Three little matuas were at the Forest . The fast matua said i'm gonna build a mansion built of Gold. Then the dumb matua is gonna build his house out of farts
And he said it's gonna smellllll awesome!   And the strong matua said… he gonna build his house out of  iron  YEH HEH! WELL BOYS  LET'S GETTTTT building

30 minutes later…

YAY we're done said all the matuas. Well look at mine said the fast matua,i'm also  done!
Said the strong matua!,i'm also also done! Said the dumb matua  =(_
But what they didn't know  was that there was a big bad Dylan

Look at my one said the fast matua  I'VE GOT A GOLD TOILET BRO! No one can break in my house said the strong matua! It's made of iron and the dumb matua said  because it made of my farts and then the BIG BAD DYLAN  was spying on them!. Then the matuas went in their homes for a nap and then the big bad dylan went for the gold house and he puffed he farted and he burnt down the house with his fire breath the fast matua said ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
And ran as fast as he can to the strong matus house and said there is a big bad dylan and the strong matua said. He can't bust it down my house is made of iron! But then the big bad dylan bashed it down with his big as tail and they both said ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And then they both ran to the dumb matuas house and they said pew
It stinks and then the big bad dylan went to the dumb matuas house and he said oh oh that stinks and then he died because the dumb matuas house was  soooooooooooooo stinky and  the big bad dylan died from the bad humor/it means stinkiness!

By Matua and Dylan

The wicked old lady

Once upon a time there lived an old lady called miss booms and she lived in a old house in the middle of nowhere. The only way to get to her house was to go through the magic portal that opened every full moon. When miss booms was little she got bullied a lot, and all the kids would call her the cat lady. She did not like being called that because she hated cats and no one would stick up for her. As she got older she started to build her house in a faraway land so no one called call her cat lady or see her again. One day the full moon appeared and then she went into the portal to get to the other side to catch cats.  But when she hopped out into the other world she got stuck and the full moon faded away. The old lady was scared and worried because she had not been in the open for 50 years and had forgotten what to do.  All was quiet until she heard a noise the sounded like trumpets, she jumped to her feet and there she was before the king of frankland town. Miss booms tried to talk and say “your majesty” but it came out like “mug mugestly”. The king was astonished to see an old lady talking like that and he was so surprised he told his guards to bring her to the castle and dress her for dinner. As she walked down the glass stair mrs boom saw lots of plate, glasses and at the end of the table she saw the king. She was wearing a nice dress that was blue and red, The king who was drinking sou dropped his spoon and his jaw fall open. As the night went on miss booms was getting taught lots more words but when it was midnight she filed the castle and hopped to be never seen again. Two years past and miss booms had now had got a kid the she adopted and she called her sally. Miss booms never saw the king again but after 5 years the full moon appeared and miss booms and sally jumped in the portal not noticing someone watching them from a distance… A few years later miss booms past away and left sally who was 15 all alone but she left one gift and that was the gift of eternal life. When sally was 19 she had grown strength and power so she was now ready to go out into the world to fight and also to get more food because she was running out.As she jumped out of the portal the shouted out “there is a new miss booms and she is coming for you”.

The wicked old lady 2

One stormy night Mrs boom went into forest to catch cats and cook them up because her mum is allergic to cats. One day she went into the forest and was abet to catch cats for her to eat so her mum can come back. When miss boom went into the forest one day she saw someone who was trying to catch dogs. Miss boom quickly hide behind a bush as he walk past, miss boom looked at his face and was reminded of her mother's stories. She would always talk about a man who looked just like the man standing in front of her, miss boom stood up and ask the man who he was but he just ran away like he was ashamed. Two years later miss booms got her bag when the full moon was up she went to find the man and then the full in love and get married and cook cats and dogs.

By Ashlee and Caitlin

The adorable fox
Image result for baby foxes pics
Once upon a time there lived a mother and father fox who were due to have 5  cubs. When the cubs were born there was one particular fox that stood out of the rest his name was Storm, Storm has 2 sisters and 2 brothers his sisters were named Stella & Rosetta and his brothers were named Carson & Lika. One day the 5 cubs and the rest of their class went on a school trip to fox facts factory, when they got there they had a area that was all about Storm , because he was the cutest fox in the world so every fox scientist researched about him. And the information that they got was that Storm had 4 brothers and sisters, he had a mother who worked at their school and a father who travels a lot. Once all the cubs and the mother got home there was a lovely surprise from their father, it was a TREASURE HUNT! First they had to go to the living room then the master bedroom, kitchen, Rosetta’s room and finally the backyard where the cubs father was waiting with some new toys, Storm was so excited that he ran up on top of the roof and couldn’t get down! 😨😮. Storm’s siblings raced up to get him down but then they were stuck too, so their father called the helicopter to come and get them, the next minute they were down on the ground. The father asked “how much do I need to pay you” and the helicopter man said a hug from the cute one ^-^ “Thank you for saving our lives Mr” said Storm “Ohh that’s alright just doing my job”

To be continued in book 2…
By Elisa

Little Octopus Orange hood and Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there lived a Little Octopus orange hood that lived in the toilet. She had a friend called Little red riding hood, she and her were best friends. One day when they grow up they planned to go to Egypt together when they are 21 years old. They finally grew up and boarded the plane to go to Egypt together, but Red riding hood got air sick. So when she was eating her breakfast on the plane she threw up, and she threw up on Little Octopus Orange hood. Little Octopus Orange hood slapped her friend in disgust and walked to the emergency toilet to clean herself. When Little Octopus Orange hood got out of the emergency toilet she had to order another meal. Little orange octopus hood looked at her friend as she ate, her friend had vomit dripping from her lips as she leaned against the window and slowly fell asleep. So Little Octopus Orange Hood wiped the vomit drips of little Red Riding Hood’s lips. A few hours later the plane slowly descended and all the passengers lit up with excitement as the plane was going to land in Egypt air-flies airport. Once they got out of the plane the temperature was boiling hot!!! “Woo!” screamed Little Orange Octopus hood as she tied up her roped suitcase tighter. “Hey little octopus orange hood let’s go find a hotel in Cairo which is the capital of Egypt”, suggested Little Red Riding hood. “Thats a great idea!” said Little Octopus Orange hood as she pointed at Little Red Riding hood's purse for the bus tickets they ordered on the plane. So the two friends got onto a bus and talked about what they will go see tomorrow. The top suggestion for the friends were: The ancient gods, The pyramids, The River Nile and the five star swimming pool they heard about to cool off. When they got to the hotel in Cairo they put everything down, little Red Riding hood was going to sleep upstairs and little octopus orange hood was going to sleep down stairs. The two friends screamed ‘goodnight’ which annoyed the other people in the hotel, because they screamed at each other all night asking what they would do in the morning “EAT BREAKFAST!!!!!!” screamed Little Orange Octopus hood. The next day they woke up and little octopus orange Hood’s hair was like a bush. Little Red Riding hood looked in the mirror and took her secret braces out and brushed her hair only to go down stairs, and find Little Octopus Orange hood on the floor, because she had fallen out of bed. “What are we going to eat for breakfast”? Asked Little Red Riding Hood, Little Octopus Orange Hood got up from the floor and got dressed. “We are gonna eat food for breakfast Red, but at the Egypt cafe!!!!!!!!” Screeched Orange as she and her friend jumped up and down which also happened to annoy the other people staying there. For breakfast they had Fava beans, rice and pasta, “yummy”!!! Steamed orange, everyone was looking at her weirdly. “What did I do?” She mumbled at Red who just giggled until she fell over her seat, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” She laughed when she landed, everyone looked at her funny this time. It was time for the tour around the pyramids, “hey grab your camera out Orange” “what camera I thought you were bringing it” “ No I was brushing teeth!!!” “Do ya have a memory Red?” sighed Orange as she pointed at the Sphinx. “Oh well let’s just use our phones to     take the photos, but it is not going to be as good as using our cameras”.

Blue: Natalie Shen
Pink: Isabella O’Flynn

The little mermaid 2 part 1
Once near the ocean floor a mermaid was laughing and playing. You all must have heard of ariel well this is ariel's little sister she is pretty much ariel but her name ella and she doesn’t want to be on land she wishes to stay in the ocean witch pleases her one day she was playing with splash {flounders brother} doing flips and talking to areil , till it started to rain ella swam foweds as the water got deeper areil moved back till out of the blue “i’ve got to go it rain to hard and i’m geting to wet” “ohh” suliked ella  as areil ran off ella fliped in to the ocean and swam home and told sandy {sabatiyins sister} about her coversashon with ariel as  sandy was only 5 she just nodded and asked if ella had seen her bother sadly areil shook her head “ohh i haven’t seen him in ages” mouned sandy “yeah we haven’t seen him in ages i’m  begining to get worried” they were so raped in the covershon that ella nearly swam into the coral wall and seaweed hege protecting  the castle sandy said “umm ella look” “ahh” ella just had time to stop and swim to the gate and give the password. She got inside just in time for dinner “ella go wash your tail before you come in and have dinner.” “ok” sighed ella When ella came back inside she sat down to dinner after dinner she went to bed when she woke up the next day there was a poster on the front door wanted crab napper stole a crab called sabatini rewarded with $1 million : O
By Kate
To be continued in book 2

Cinderella and the Dress up ball

A long time ago a  Beautiful young  girl called Cinderella was doing her snobby step-sisters  
Chores ‘Man i really want to get out of here, this place is as smelly as mud and Dirt ’ she cried .
Then her Ugly Step-sisters entered the room
‘Cinderella clean this sock NOW it has mud on it’ yelled Peaches ‘yes and while you do that polish my heals ‘barked Amelia.
Once Cinderella had finished that she was locked in her tiny room all alone this went on for years.

One evening their household received a letter and it was from the one and only Prince Arthur
And it said

You are invited to my royal dress up ball tonight everyone is invited

‘A Ball , Hmm, what do i need for that Amelia ?’
Asked Peaches ‘ i think we need to look Gorgeous ‘ Amelia replied ‘ Cinderella you need to get us everything on this list It shows you what it will look on the list’.

The list

Pink heals x2
Purple dresses x2
Feather hats  x2

Image result for Feather hatsImage result for purple dress for kids
Image result for pink high heels

‘Okay , but, where are my Chlothes for the ball ?‘ Cinderella asked  
By Keira
To be Continued

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