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Howick historical Village - Part 2

Photos courtesy of Ashlee, Mrs Scott and Mrs Notley :)

On Friday 9th september we went to Howick historical village.We went at 8:50am on the bus.We had to share bags with someone in our groups.There were parent helpers and teachers.In our class we had groups there was Caitlins mum,Dylans dad,Mrs Notley and Elisas mum.There were six people in each group. For the first activity we went to this house and the lady there (Mrs White) said we were going to make scones.Ingredients we used:Butter milk,flour,stove and more. When we finished we left it to cook later on we got the scones.They were yum. By Dayton

 Howick Historical village
        I think that  howick historical village is an extraordinary
         Place to go to,it is fun there and a old fashion place.
         My favorite part was when we did school lesson
        Because we got to see how it was like back then,we
        Also did some scavenger hunt which was mega
        Awesome because we got to go inside the houses.
        And last and not least was when we got to bake scones
        Which looked like a cake with no cream.The only thing
       That i didn’t like was when we did helping herbs because
       Herbs aren’t my thing but i only like the smell.So everyone
       From far and near always come to Howick historical village
       Cause it old fashion success.
By Waisea

Howick Historical Village

When I got to Howick Historical village some ladies were dressed up in the olden day clothes. Everyone sat down and had their morning tea, the first activity that room 18 did was making scones in the kitchen. Mrs White taught us how to make scones in the olden days, and I got to cut a quarter of the butter. Also the milk wasn’t in the fridge it was in a cupboard for the wind to cool it down. After we went to the school house, we got to sit in the olden day chairs and be a student like it was the old days. There were two seats per table. They had a little chalk board in front of us and a pencil but without the wood. When we write we had to write with our right hand, and Dylan didn’t write with his right hand so the teacher told him to do it with his right hand. Before class the boys had to stand in a line opposite the girls and so did the girls. The girls had to curtsey and the boys had to bow to the teacher. For our second to last activity we are doing a finding activity, we need to go in most of the olden day houses and search for 1-2 things that doesn’t belong in the olden days. But we needed to split into groups of 5-7s. When our group went in a house the table was set up like the Madd Hatter’sparty. When the time was up Eashwar and I went in a house quickly to find to object because missed that one out. In the end our group only got 2 answers wrong, and for our last activity we did helping herbs. What we did was pick out some herbs and mix them together to make a type of medicine or a type of perfume that smells good. My favourite kind of herb was Lemon Balm. Then we had lunch, after lunch we had a tour around the whole village. I think my favourite activity was the schooling and feeling what it was like in the olden days for kids that went to school.

By Nat

When i was baking i made scones and
When i ate felt soft and the
When i took a bite the top bit i ate
Tasted like it was burnt but i still
Liked it.
By Edison


At Howick it was fun. We got to learn about the old days and what they use to used back in the days. But my best one was when we got to walk AROUND! And find what was the difference and we found a lot of them. But when we went to school we were learning about how to write the alphabet in link writing and yeah it was fun. And there was also the herbs and the cooking and the cooking was delicious and the herbs were smelly. And that was one of my Favourite days I hope I could go there again.

By Cohen

After cooking we went to the olden day school.There was a lady going to be the teacher she told us to act like we were in the olden days.We had to put our hands out and the lady looked at our hands to see if they were clean.We also drew the alphabet.a-j.We wrote on a small blackboard. By Dayton

Howic trip. By eashwar!!!!

Howic is Awesome, because i had a cool experience of the old days. My favorite was the Scavenger Hunt because you had to go in particular house or should i say hut, and had to find objects that weren’t there in the 1800s. I would like to encourage them to go, my least favorite was… NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

After schooling we played spot the difference.We went to the place where we ate.The lady there said to find stuff in these buildings that are for nowadays.Some of the things were not included like lights because they need these. By Dayton

After lunch we went to this grass area were another lady was going to teach us how to make a good smell or medicine.we went to this garden to pick off leafs that smelt good and we had to mix them up.When they were done the judge (Dlyans dad)smelt them.Elisas group won. By Dayton

Howick Historical Village!!!
In howick historical village I had fun because we mixed some herbs together and made them smell nice.
Sadly mine was not the best smelling one, or the second one, but the fourth. My one still smelled nice.

My second favourite thing to do there was the spot the difference and my group came second.

By Chloe