Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Photo-Blurb Competition - Room 18

I  like Auckland, because they are Auckland. They are definitely going to win, because they are Auckland and Auckland is the best! I am a supporter! I am a supporter because they are Auckland and I live in Auckland, a very safe place. Also I want to go there because I’ve never seen a rugby game live right in front of me.

Why I want the tickets
I want them because it will be awesome to watch, and it will be exciting. It will be loud but I won’t care, as long as I am enjoying myself!

I like the sport because I like to get muddy, the teamwork and I like staying up late on friday and saturdays to watch the rugby with my dad. Sometimes when i’m watching the games on tv I will take note of the players in my position and see what they're doing. Why I would like these tickets. First I would like these tickets because I like to spend time with my dad plus we have never been to a mitre ten cup game ever. The last time me and my dad went to a rugby game was about 2 years ago and I think I it would be a nice father’s day gift. So that’s why I would like these mitre ten cup tickets. GO AUCKLAND!!!

Image result for waikato rugby picturesI would love to go and watch Waikato VS Auckland because me and my dad have NEVER been to a rugby game and me and my dad are really abseits with rugby and then I wouldn’t have to go to my aunties for lunch AGAIN!!!

About me with sport: This year I made it into the year 5&6 soccer team and me and my dad have been working on my passes and that so I could make it in and my dad was VERY proud that I got in and now that that's happened I will get to join a club some time soon.
Favourite sport: Soccer with a capital S
Favourite spot in the sport: Striker

Why do I go for Waikato: I would love to see Waikato reposent the Waikato area to make us proud and it would be a pleaser if me and my dad could go see that game because  it would be great to see Waikato DENOMINATED the Aucklanders.

Why do I want my dad to come: Well, Firstly my parents are divorced and that means I have some tuesdays with my dad and some weekends with my dad. And it would mean alot to have this time to go and watch the game with my dad, It is hard not to see my dad that much  as my mum and I wish I could have WAY more time with him and plus  you only live once.

By: Emma Beaumont room 18

RUGBY - In the above photo I am versing Pukekohe. Our team won 11-4

Rugby is my favourite sport, it was league but now rugby.  I always wanted to be a rugby player, so I asked my mum and she said “Yes why not”. I always wanted to join Rewa so i did and I became a professional Rugby player. That’s not all, I also like playing rugby because when you get a TRY! everybody  jumps on you and gives you hugs. My team doesn't they just high five me and say ‘Good, nice and awesome’! and i still love it. My dad gives me hugs when I get the TRY! Or win so this is why I love playing rugby!


Those tickets are like my life I just want to win it for me and my Dad so we can have some peace and quiet and spend time together. Because I don’t normally spend time with my dad and I love him, so I want to surprise him and say “Hey dad do you want to see Waikato vs Auckland rugby”? and he will probably say yes. But I want to win them because I have never been to a Mitre 10 cup game and I want to. Also I am supporting Auckland because I love them. So that’s why I want to go to the rugby game and deserve to win these tickets.
By Cohen Leaupepe - Room 18

File:Running woman.jpgBoy, Running, Kid, Child, ...Paralympic swimmingHOCKEY ARGENTINA PAKISTAN.jpgThe balance beamFree DownloadScreenshot 2016-08-29 at 4.32.56 PM.png

Hi my name is Keira
I am nine years old and i have played Seven sports in my whole life time !

In 2012 i did Gymnastics,
Then In 2013 i played Touch ,
In 2014 i did Swimming,
Then in 2015 i was in the school's cross country team and
This year i did Golf ,Hockey and Cross country

I really would like these Tickets because i have never seen one Rugby Game with my Dad and we would love it if we could go to see the game .
It would mean alot to the both of us!!!
By Keira Johnstone

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