Monday, August 1, 2016

Cooking and learning about Measurement :)

In Week 1 Room 18 put their learning into practice. We have been learning how to convert different units of measurement. So we decided to make a yummy lemon slice. We had our own version of MKR. It was 'Boys vs Girls'. Boy was the competition fierce! In the end I couldn't decide who was the best... so EVERYONE won!

We hope you enjoy the photos of us working together in a team to make our lemon slice. :)

 Lots of concentration going on here with Kalush making sure he cuts the right measurement
 Happy with his decision... time to cut!
 Kate learning how to use the microwave and not boil the butter
 Eashwar is excited with his job of melting the butter :)
 Isabella's job is to mulch the biscuits down for the base... noisy food processor!
 Caitlin is combining the biscuits with the butter for the girl's base
 The boys are mixing together their buter and condensed milk... mmm
 Hard at work here making sure it's all combined :)
 The boys turn to make some noise in our 'kitchen'
 The boys adding lemon to their ingredients... yummy!
 Keira's job to grate the lemon into the base :)
 Larissa is busy mixing the coconut into the base
 Cohen is mixing up all of the ingredients... he looks like he's getting hungry! :)

 Darius is overseeing making sure everything is being done correctly
 Some of our girls - I think the other girls are doing dishes :)
 Our BIG boys group... looking pretty proud of themselves :)

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  1. Good job Room 18, it tasted great too, Caitlin saved me some.