Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Term 2 Reading Projects

In Room 18 this term we have been completing reading projects to help us learn how to research, note take, summarise and present information. Each group got a different topic to research and present to the class. The Lightning lasers reading group researched about the history of the olympics and even took Room 18 out for a mini olympics.They needed to research about the topic, put the facts onto their poster and then organise the mini olympics.The Warriors reading group did the history of inventions and they sure did a good job but they had to do a lot of work.They had to research about their topic and then make a slideshow all pretty for the class to watch. We are doing it on a speech, slideshow and a google document. The Ninja warriors reading group are doing global warming they are presenting it on a slide show, google doc and a newspaper. We can not wait to see all the presentations. Sea sharks reading group are doing about gold rush and they are presenting it on a newspaper and a book. We are looking forward to hearing all about gold mining.

By Caitlin and Ashlee

Lightning Lasers Reading Group:

The Ninja Warriors Reading group:

Kalush's Reading project Slideshow Kalush's Global Warming Research project

Dylan and Emma's Global Warming Research project

Eddie, Darius and Chloe's Global Warming Research project

                               The Seasharks Reading group:

Seasharks Reading project

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