Thursday, June 2, 2016

Room 18 wants to be Cyber Bully Free!!!

Last week Room 18 talked about the impact cyber bullying can have on students long term and we all realise it is a subject that needs to be taken seriously and we all have a part to play to make sure we stay safe. We hope we have educated you a little more on how to either stay cyber safe or get help if ever needed.

Cyber Bullying

If you are being cyber bullied this is what you should do:
First-tell an adult
Second-delete it
Third-Play with different friends untill it gets sorted out.

Cyber bullying can really hurt someone and make them do not really good things like, Cut off all their hair and skip school.When people are getting bullied they often do not tell anyone.That is not really good but understandable because of the thought of getting more hurt or embarrass.You should’nt tell any of your friends or family to gung up on them because that is just more bullying.If you are a bullied you should stop now because you are going to get found out sometime and that would not be good.Even though you are making the person that your cyber bullying less conferdent and weak in the end the vectom always wins.


How to be safe online

To avoid scams I would do these few things.To aviod scams don’t click on anything that says something similler to this:”You have won! Please enter your phone number,first and last name and address so we can send you the prize!” please don’t click on this because it's more than likely that you didn’t enter anything whatsoever.Also to avoid this just ignore it or switch off your computer or gadget you were on.

To avoid being bullied online I would do these few things.To avoid being bullied don’t respond to any mean/innaproprite messages that pop up on your computer because you never know who or what might be behind the screen.Also to avoid this emmitedly shut down you computer or gadget and go tell a perent or adult.

To avoid going on inappropriate or bad websites I would do these few things.To avoid going on bad websites don’t go on any websites your real life or fake friends tell you to go on.Also to avoid this don’t click on anything that you don’t know.

To avoid spam I would do these few things.If you get to many of the same messages over and over again tell an adult about it and they would sort it out.Also to avoid this you can block the person if you know how or delete the messages and switch the gadget you were using off.

To avoid bad pictures or bad videos I would do these few things.If you see something really bad exit of the thing you were on and tell and adult.Also to avoid this I would block and report the website or video.

By Isabella

How to be safe online

If an inappropriate website or a ad comes up immediately delete it or shut it down and then go to your parent or an adult. Then let them deal with it.  

Also if somebody is texting you bad messages don’t say anything nasty back otherwise you will make it worse. Try delete it or go to the adults and let them sort it out.

Sometimes a picture comes up like you can win this price by doing these things, don’t do it or email any of your personal details. Otherwise someone could actually hack into your account, or find where you live.

Some People have google hangouts and sometimes things get out of control, like you get bullied and what is happening at home happens at school. Tell your teacher or your parent.

If somebody is texting you mean messages over and over and over again delete the hangouts that you with them. Then if they still keeps adding you back go to your parent immediately, because they are not that scary in person. They just sound like they are when they are on devices. Or you can ask them to stop bullying you and kill them with kindness
By Natalie

Bully free writing!
1.  If you are at home and you use your school account to do inappropriate things there will be trouble at school . If you see inappropriate things like ‘you can win a xbox 360’ and you click on it.. that is bad. These things are called pop ups and they try to trick people into clicking on them and it can wreck your computer.  You can go on websites like math games and learning games and more but do not go on inappropriate websites.
By Jordan

Cyberbullying can get you into trouble: If you need help... then do this can be bullyed on goggle hangouts and people your trying to hangout with might go to another person and say mean stuff to you and spread rumours which is not nice or fair

2. Some people can be blackmailing and saying mean things like your pretty stink
And telling some of your secrets

3. If they don't stop tell an adult

4. Tell the teacher

By Dylan


(If someone is bullying you  you can still tell a teacher  or your mum  or your dad if they work at your school or if someone is bullying you on  google or youtube on a comment you can tell your mum or dad or someone next to you like your mum when she is doing your work next to you  if you are at your friend's house you can till there mum then she will ring your mum so stop bullying now stop now that’s stop now!!!!!! ) 

By Sarai


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