Thursday, May 19, 2016

Visit from Jeremy at ASB

ASB Getwise
Yesterday Jeremy from the ASB Getwise programme came and delivered an interesting and engaging talk about MONEY!!
We learnt to "Spend some on us and Save some too."  We learnt that there can be opportunities to earn money even as children if we are creative and ready to put in the effort.  Our class came up with great ideas including making cupcakes, washing cars, and with permission helping out neighbours with chores.  One thing we were very excited about was earning money without even working.  Jeremy explained that if we put our savings into a bank we can get "interest" and then get a lovely surprise as this grows and grows.
What stood out to you Room 18 students?
Emma - "that a credit card is the banks money and an eftpos card is your own"
Kate - "get a bank account, cos its a safe place to store it and you get interest"
Liam - "he showed us how you can get interest from the bank"

Larissa - "you have to be over 18 to have a credit card and to go on Trade Me"

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