Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tui team Maths groups

Maths Groups
Maths cross groupings are back up and running across the Tui Team and Stage 5 children are working hard on learning their times-tables.  We have found that if we know our timetables it makes solving Maths problems a whole lot easier.  We have had some hard work behind the scenes cutting out timetable cue cards to assist our learners.  Remember to practice hard and work your way through the levels.
The strategies we are using in class to work out larger timetable questions include:
Darius -  "We have been learning doubles and halves.  Its where you get an equation, double the smallest one and half the biggest one and this makes it easier to work out."
Harry - "We use the place value strategy which is when you put the numbers into groups of hundreds, tens and ones to solve the problem"

Caitlin - "If you've got 18 x 30, you can round 18 to the nearest ten and then it will be 20 x 30 and it will be easier to work out.  Then you need to take away 2 x 30 because you added it to the 18.  This is the rounding and compensating strategy"

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