Thursday, May 26, 2016

Science - Rocks of the Earth

This term we have been learning about the Rock Cycle and how our earth is formed. We have learnt about the 3 different types of rocks and how they have various stages and they do not necessarily move linearly through those stages. Some of Room 18 students have written their own summaries about their findings of this topic. Enjoy them!

The 3 different types of Rocks:

Igneous rock - Made from melted rock called magma  which is found inside the earth. Sedimentary rocks is composed of layers of sand,mud and pebbles. Metamorphic rocks begin their lives as other rocks.

By Jordan

Rock Cycle

A metamorphic rock begins their life as another rock. An igneous rock is made from melted rocks called magma which is found in the world. A sedimentary rock is composed of layers over and over the rock.

Made from Caitlin

Igneous rocks are a type of obsidian and granite and they come when lava cools and hardens to make an Igneous rock.A metamorphic rock is when a rock is buried deep with lots of heat and pressure then they become a metamorphic rock!
By Emma


Rocks are the oldest thing on the planet. Metamorphic, Sedimentary and Igneous are all different types of rocks. Igneous rocks are made by out of magma that cools over time. Sedimentary  rocks are formed by sand, mud and pebbles that merge together at bottoms of oceans and lakes. Metamorphic rocks are formed by other types of rocks. Rocks as I said they live forever. And are the oldest thing on earth.
By Elisa

ROCK summary

Rocks are the oldest thing on our planet,
igneous rocks are made by a melted rock
Called magma,when magma is pushed up to
Become lava when this hardens it turns
Into igneous rock ,sedimentary rock is
Made from other natural objects .
Metamorphic rocks are formed by heat
And pressure,however these rocks start
Off as other rocks.all rocks can turn into
Each other,so all rock are connected.
By Kate

Rock summary:
The oldest thing on the earth are called rocks.they cover the whole earth.The earth's crust which is the surface of the earth is full of Igneous rock.This rock is made from volcanic maga.Another rock is sedimentary.This rock is made out of layers of sand,mud and pebbles.A third type of rock is called metamorphic.Metamorphic rocks were other rocks until after years of time,heat and pressure changed them into metamorphic rocks.
Metamorphic examples:Marble and Quartzite.
Sedimentary examples:Limestone and Sandstone.
Igneous rocks:Granite and obsidian.
By Isabella

Metamorphic, sedimentary and Igneous rocks are mostly found after a volcano erupts. The oldest things on the planet are rocks. The lava cools and hardens and becomes Igneous. When the volcano is about to erupt the ground starts to shake and then it explodes.a volcano can be at the snow, the city, at the beach anywhere.

From Larissa


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