Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bully Free Week!!!

Bullying Can Affect  The Victim , The Bully And The Others Who Saw It!
Sometimes Bullies Bully just for fun .
And that affects everyone in the area .
Bullying makes the victim feel powerless Unpopular and upset !
I`m happy it is bully free week because no one bully`s!

By Keira!

A bully is someone who threatens you, plays mind games continuously,
or  it is someone who seems stronger than you and sometimes it can make other people want to be a bully.Bullies bully because they think they will be respected or popular and some bullies do become popular,and bullying isn't just bad for the kid being bullied it's bad for the bully too because when they grow up they usually are getting into fights.To stop the bully you don’t beat them up or you become the bully so make a group and stand up and speak up for yourself or someone else.
By Carter

Summary:Bullying:What it is and what to do about it
Bullying is being mean to other children a lot.Bully’s tell lies,threat,tease,make people feel bad,yell,hurt,hit, and show people embarrassing photos of people or videos.(It could be both at the same time.)People that have been bullied makes children feel different,unpowerful,not popular,and lonely.It can be hard to stand up when you’re being bullied.The bully feels more strong than you.Being a bully could lead you to feeling sick,or having problems at school.There’s lots of reasons why children bully other children.Some people think being bullys could make them well known.No matter what form it takes,being a bully is bad.Bullies might use secrets to hurt children.Bullying is bad for other children and the bully.You might not know what to do if you come to bullying.The safest thing to do,is get an older person involed to help stop the bullying.

By Harry

A bully is someone who threatens to hurt people making them feel bad,blackmailing on facebook all the time. Bullies make people feel sad and not included and feel bad inside all the time. Bullies think they’re more popular than everyone else and they think bullying people will make them feel better and they do this all the time. Bullies will have big problems when they're older because they don't know how to respect people that's why they won't have any friends.If  bully bullies other people it makes them feel unsafe so go tell someone to put a stop to it.
By Matua

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