Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Samoan Language Week

Room 18 have learnt to sing the song 'O Le Pepe'. Just click on the link below to watch. We hope you enjoy our singing!


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Science - Rocks of the Earth

This term we have been learning about the Rock Cycle and how our earth is formed. We have learnt about the 3 different types of rocks and how they have various stages and they do not necessarily move linearly through those stages. Some of Room 18 students have written their own summaries about their findings of this topic. Enjoy them!

The 3 different types of Rocks:

Igneous rock - Made from melted rock called magma  which is found inside the earth. Sedimentary rocks is composed of layers of sand,mud and pebbles. Metamorphic rocks begin their lives as other rocks.

By Jordan

Rock Cycle

A metamorphic rock begins their life as another rock. An igneous rock is made from melted rocks called magma which is found in the world. A sedimentary rock is composed of layers over and over the rock.

Made from Caitlin

Igneous rocks are a type of obsidian and granite and they come when lava cools and hardens to make an Igneous rock.A metamorphic rock is when a rock is buried deep with lots of heat and pressure then they become a metamorphic rock!
By Emma


Rocks are the oldest thing on the planet. Metamorphic, Sedimentary and Igneous are all different types of rocks. Igneous rocks are made by out of magma that cools over time. Sedimentary  rocks are formed by sand, mud and pebbles that merge together at bottoms of oceans and lakes. Metamorphic rocks are formed by other types of rocks. Rocks as I said they live forever. And are the oldest thing on earth.
By Elisa

ROCK summary

Rocks are the oldest thing on our planet,
igneous rocks are made by a melted rock
Called magma,when magma is pushed up to
Become lava when this hardens it turns
Into igneous rock ,sedimentary rock is
Made from other natural objects .
Metamorphic rocks are formed by heat
And pressure,however these rocks start
Off as other rocks.all rocks can turn into
Each other,so all rock are connected.
By Kate

Rock summary:
The oldest thing on the earth are called rocks.they cover the whole earth.The earth's crust which is the surface of the earth is full of Igneous rock.This rock is made from volcanic maga.Another rock is sedimentary.This rock is made out of layers of sand,mud and pebbles.A third type of rock is called metamorphic.Metamorphic rocks were other rocks until after years of time,heat and pressure changed them into metamorphic rocks.
Metamorphic examples:Marble and Quartzite.
Sedimentary examples:Limestone and Sandstone.
Igneous rocks:Granite and obsidian.
By Isabella

Metamorphic, sedimentary and Igneous rocks are mostly found after a volcano erupts. The oldest things on the planet are rocks. The lava cools and hardens and becomes Igneous. When the volcano is about to erupt the ground starts to shake and then it explodes.a volcano can be at the snow, the city, at the beach anywhere.

From Larissa

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bullying is NOT OKAY!

Last week Room 18 decided for Bully Free week that we would make videos educating our school on how to either, stop bullying or how to be a proactive bystander. Hope you learn some things from our videos...

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Visit from Jeremy at ASB

ASB Getwise
Yesterday Jeremy from the ASB Getwise programme came and delivered an interesting and engaging talk about MONEY!!
We learnt to "Spend some on us and Save some too."  We learnt that there can be opportunities to earn money even as children if we are creative and ready to put in the effort.  Our class came up with great ideas including making cupcakes, washing cars, and with permission helping out neighbours with chores.  One thing we were very excited about was earning money without even working.  Jeremy explained that if we put our savings into a bank we can get "interest" and then get a lovely surprise as this grows and grows.
What stood out to you Room 18 students?
Emma - "that a credit card is the banks money and an eftpos card is your own"
Kate - "get a bank account, cos its a safe place to store it and you get interest"
Liam - "he showed us how you can get interest from the bank"

Larissa - "you have to be over 18 to have a credit card and to go on Trade Me"

Tui team Maths groups

Maths Groups
Maths cross groupings are back up and running across the Tui Team and Stage 5 children are working hard on learning their times-tables.  We have found that if we know our timetables it makes solving Maths problems a whole lot easier.  We have had some hard work behind the scenes cutting out timetable cue cards to assist our learners.  Remember to practice hard and work your way through the levels.
The strategies we are using in class to work out larger timetable questions include:
Darius -  "We have been learning doubles and halves.  Its where you get an equation, double the smallest one and half the biggest one and this makes it easier to work out."
Harry - "We use the place value strategy which is when you put the numbers into groups of hundreds, tens and ones to solve the problem"

Caitlin - "If you've got 18 x 30, you can round 18 to the nearest ten and then it will be 20 x 30 and it will be easier to work out.  Then you need to take away 2 x 30 because you added it to the 18.  This is the rounding and compensating strategy"

Golf Lessons :)

Focus on Golf!!!

Reremoana school have been fortunate enough to have a golf instructor "Coach Stu" come into our school for the duration of Term 2.  Every week we are spending time learning some strategies to help us develop our interest and skills in this sport.
Matua - "We are learning how to position ourselves correctly, how to putt and the right speed to use when swinging at the ball."
Kiera - "We have learnt how to putt.  You put your foot in a direct line in front of the ball, you pick up your club and then you hit."

Kalush - "I like the one where you have to hit the ball as far as you can across the field."

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bully Free Week!!!

Bullying Can Affect  The Victim , The Bully And The Others Who Saw It!
Sometimes Bullies Bully just for fun .
And that affects everyone in the area .
Bullying makes the victim feel powerless Unpopular and upset !
I`m happy it is bully free week because no one bully`s!

By Keira!

A bully is someone who threatens you, plays mind games continuously,
or  it is someone who seems stronger than you and sometimes it can make other people want to be a bully.Bullies bully because they think they will be respected or popular and some bullies do become popular,and bullying isn't just bad for the kid being bullied it's bad for the bully too because when they grow up they usually are getting into fights.To stop the bully you don’t beat them up or you become the bully so make a group and stand up and speak up for yourself or someone else.
By Carter

Summary:Bullying:What it is and what to do about it
Bullying is being mean to other children a lot.Bully’s tell lies,threat,tease,make people feel bad,yell,hurt,hit, and show people embarrassing photos of people or videos.(It could be both at the same time.)People that have been bullied makes children feel different,unpowerful,not popular,and lonely.It can be hard to stand up when you’re being bullied.The bully feels more strong than you.Being a bully could lead you to feeling sick,or having problems at school.There’s lots of reasons why children bully other children.Some people think being bullys could make them well known.No matter what form it takes,being a bully is bad.Bullies might use secrets to hurt children.Bullying is bad for other children and the bully.You might not know what to do if you come to bullying.The safest thing to do,is get an older person involed to help stop the bullying.

By Harry

A bully is someone who threatens to hurt people making them feel bad,blackmailing on facebook all the time. Bullies make people feel sad and not included and feel bad inside all the time. Bullies think they’re more popular than everyone else and they think bullying people will make them feel better and they do this all the time. Bullies will have big problems when they're older because they don't know how to respect people that's why they won't have any friends.If  bully bullies other people it makes them feel unsafe so go tell someone to put a stop to it.
By Matua

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

School Uniform requirements

Dear Parents/Caregivers 

The weather is starting to get colder and I have noticed that students are wearing footless tights under their shorts or skivvies under their school t-shirt. Please remember that items that are worn under students school uniform need to be navy blue. 
Kind regards, 
Michelle Slee (Tui Team Leader)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Circus Challenge!!!

Today (3rd of May) we were lucky enough to have Clinton come into school and share a Circus performance with us and then each class in the Tui team had a turn attending a circus workshop where we learnt the following tricks: Juggling with 3 objects, spinning a plate, spinning fire sticks and building a human pyramid. We all found things challenging but learnt to keep on practising through the challenges and we received some great results because of our resilience. Here are some photos of our time at the Circus experience.

Diversity Celebration and Dress up Day :)

Friday the 15th of April we all came in our Cultural dress for the day and brought in yummy cultural food to share with our classmates. It was an awesome day with lots of colours representing the globe. Hope you enjoy the pictures of our special day!