Sunday, April 3, 2016

X Race Champions!!!

On Sunday the 3rd of April my Dad and I went to the X-Race in Cambridge. There were a series of obstacles we had to complete. One of them was to learn a dance to the music 'Uptown Funk you up', another one was a memory game where the child had to memorise a group of pictures and retell them to their parent. We also had a puzzle with 7 shapes and we had to piece it together to make a whole puzzle. I loved the day and my favourite part was dancing with my Dad.. he looked very funny while he danced (so did others). I would recommend you all having a go next year with the X-Races as they were lots of fun and neat to spend quality time with your parents.

By Caitlin

 The Scott competitors before the race...

Caitlin looking very proud with her medal :)


  1. that's so cool Catlin
    from Kate

  2. Great job catlin congratulations on the medal

    from Liam

  3. So proud of you Caitlin for giving it a go.

  4. I wish I had a medal like that caitlin and good job

  5. Wow Caitlin congrats, it is fun aye see you next time if your there or i'm there. ;)

    From Elisa :}

  6. This is awesome Caitlin. Well done!

    Mrs Utupo