Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What I've learnt so far with PB4L this term...


Week 4
Keep hands and feet to yourself  
(i will ignore people  who are touching me)

Week 6
Move safely around the school
(I will avoid running around corners)
Week 2

Look after equipment and property
(i will return any equipment that i use)

Week 3
Follow adult instructions
(If a adult tells me to do something i will do it)

Week  4
Use kind words and good manners
(If someone give me something I will say thank you)

Week 10
Be tidy
(i will keep my uniform clean)

Week 2
Be discerning about the website you visit
(I will always go to the website that a teacher/parent tells)

Week 3
make good leaning choices for me and others
(I will be a good role model)

Week 5
Make good choices
(I will pick up rubbish when i go past it )

Week 9
When faced with a problem, use traffic light thinking

Week 10 be a good friend
(include people in your game)

Week 11
Find ways to show care.
(Help them)

By Eashwar

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