Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What I've learnt so far this year with PB4L

Week one: Do good because is good to do
Be a good friend - Ask them to play when you see them being lonely.

Week two: Be respectful
Look after equipment and property - When you use equipment eg: soccer ball put it back when you finish using it.

Week three: Be respectful
Follow adult instruction - Follow the adult instructions by doing it.

Week 4: Act Safely
Keep your hands and feet to yourself - When you sit next to someone don’t tap them on the shoulder

Week 5: Be respectful
Use kind words and good manners - Say please when needed

Week 6 : Act safely
Move safely around the school - watch where you are going

Week 7: consider your choices
Be discerning the sites you visit - If you see anything inappropriate report it to an adult immediately.

Week 8: consider your choices
Make good learn choices for me and for others - Inside and out keeping control of our emotions.

Week 9: consider your choices
When faced with a problem use traffic light thinking - Stop,  think and act posively.

Week 10- Be respectful
Be tidy - by picking up rubbish

Week 11-Do good because good is good to do

Find ways to show you care - If your friend feels sad try cheering her/him up.

By Natalie

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