Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What I've learnt so far this year in PB4L...

(week one)
Do good because good is good to do:be a good friend
-let others play with you.
-let others sometimes choose the game.
-Be nice are caring.

(week two)
Be respectful:Look after equipment and property
-use the equipment like is it meant to be used.
-look before you kick.
-Take good care of what you take out.

(week three)
Be respectful:follow adult instructions
-Do what a adult has told you to do.
-Listen to what the adults say.

(week four)
Act safely:keep you hands and feet to yourself
-Stay in your own space.
-fold your arms and legs
-Try not to touch anyone else but yourself

(week five)
Be respectful:Use kind words and good manners.
-Always use please and thankyou.
-Say kind words to one and other.
-Walk and don’t run.

(week six)
Act safely:move safely around the school.
-Walk around corners.
-Walk around a football or soccer game.
-Look out for little kids

(week seven)
Consider your choices-be discerning about the sites you visit.
-choose good and the right site to go on.
-Think before you act.
-Be discerning before you go on sites

(week eight)
Consider your choices-Make good learning choices for me and others.
-get on with your own work.

(week nine)
Consider your choices-When faced with a problem use traffic light thinking.
-use stop,think and act to help you with a problem.

(week ten)
Be respectful-Be tidy.
-put away everything you were using,

(week eleven)
Do good because good is good to do-Find ways to show you care.
-Do what you are asked to do propply.  
By Ashlee

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