Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What I've learnt so far this year in PB4L...

PB4L focus for term one 2016.
Act safely
1.Keep hands and feet to ourselves.
To be gentle to other people and be friendly.

2.Move safely around the school.
To walk around corners without crashing into someone else.

Be respectful
3.Look after equipment and property.
Make sure to put everything where it belongs.

4.Follow adults instructions.
Do what the adult says because if you were in trouble with an adult and you didn’t listen you would possibly get badly hurt.

5.Use good words and good manners.
Say thank you when you receive something and say please when you need something.

6.Be tidy.
Make sure that chairs are pushed in and my stationery is put in my totray.

Consider your choices.
7. Be desuring about sites you visit.
Make sure it is not inappropriate and a hack.

8.Make good learning choices,for me and others.
Make sure not to start a snowball.

9.Make good choices.
Pick up rubish.

10.When faced with a problem,Use traffic light thinking.
Tell a adult near by or get people to help you.

11.Be a good friend.
Help when hurt.

12.Find ways to show care.

Help people when stuck with a problem.
By Emma

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