Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What I've learnt so far this year in PB4L

  • Week 1, be a good friend: I can do this by helping my friends.
  • Week 2, look after property and equipment: I will do this by making sure I ask before using. And use things respectfully.
  • Week 3, follow adult instructions: I will do this by making sure I listen to the adult or person who's speaking.
  • Week 4, Keep your hands and feet to yourself: I can do this by not touching anyone on the mat.
  • Week 5, use kind words and good manners: I will do this by being kind to others and I will use my manners.
  • Week 6, move safely around the school: I will do this by not running around corners.
  • Week 7, be discerning about the sites you visit: I will do this by thinking twice about what I go on.
  • Week 8, make good learning choices, for me and  others: I will do this by keeping focused and not distracting me or others.
  • Week 9, when faced with a problem use traffic light thinking: I can use my traffic light thinking when I am stuck in or on a problem.
  • Week 10, be tidy: I can do this by cleaning up my mess when I’m done.
  • Week 11, find ways to show you care: I will do this by caring for others by helping them.
By Elisa


  1. This post warms my heart, Elisa! Ms F.

    1. Thank you Ms Fothergill. :)

      From Elisa

  2. Good work Elisa.

    Mrs Utupo