Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What I've learnt so far this term with PB4L...

week 1: be a good friend. I will do this by sharing your things and let people join in
-Share with your friends
-let people join in your games

Week 2: Look after equipment and school property.
-push in your chair
-sit in the set properly
-dont lean on the wall

Week 3: follow adult instructions.
-If an adult tells you to do something you do it strate away.

Week 4: keep hands and feet to yourself.
- Don't kick, punch, bite, slap and pinch.
- Give people their own space.

Week 5: Use kind words and good manners.
  • Say please and thank you and no thank you if you don’t want something that is been offered to you.

Week 6: move safely around the school.
-Do not run around corners
-do not push people off the play grounds.

Week 7: be discerning about the sites you visit.
-go on websites that you and your teacher know are apropeyt for learning.

Week 8: make good learning choices, for me and others.
-help each other out when they are confused with their work.
- don't distract your friends and classmates when working.

Week 9: when faced with a problem use traffic light thinking.
-Stop think act.
-stop then think what you are going to do and then act it out.

Week 10: Be tidy
- push in your chair and pik up rubbish that is on the floor and on tables.

Week 11: find ways to show you care.- look at the pirson when they speak.
By Chloe

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