Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What I've learnt so far in PB4L this year...

Week 1:be a good friend:being more nice to my friends and help them more

Week 2:Look after equipment and property:touching my on staff and ask someone if I  can touch it

Week 3:follow adult instructions:not talking to my friends on the mat only when the teacher tells me to

Week 4:keep hands and feet to yourself:give me and other people there space

Week 5:use kind words and good manners:say please and thank you all the time

Week 6:move safe around the school:don’t run around corners and don’t talk by classes

Week 7:be discerning about sites you visit:going to sites that are ok for my age and ok for my learning

Week 8:make good learning choices, for me and for others:when someone is working beside you don’t distract them

Week 9:when faced with a problem, ues traffic light thinking:stopping and ues traffic light thinking what to do    

Week 10:be tidy:touching my own stuff

Week 11:find ways to show you care:help my friends when they are hurt and upset

By Larissa


  1. well done on your learning Larissa

  2. Good work Larissa.

    Mrs Utupo