Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What I've learnt so far in PB4L this year...

Week one:
Do good because good is good to do:
Be a good friend.i would do this by looking after them by taking them to the office.

Week 2:
Be respectful by looking after equipment and property.i would do this by putting my stationery
away tidily.

Week 3:
Be respectful by following adult  instructions.i would do this by sitting on the mat quietly and ignoring people who annoy me.

Week 4:
Act safely by keeping hands and feet to yourself.i will do this by folding my legs and arms.

Week 5:
Be respectful kind words and good manners.i will do this by saying please and thank you and asking nicely if people could do jobs and move over.

Week 6:
Act safely by moving safely around the school.i will do this by walking around the corners and walking up stairs.

Week 7:
Consider my choices by being discerning about sites you visit by.i will do this by always asking (even at school) before going on websites that are new to you.

Week 8:
Consider my choices by making good learning choices for you and for others.i will do this by doing my work and keeping my eyes on my work and my work only.

Week 9:
Consider my choices by when i am faced with a problem use traffic light thinking.i will do this by if someone is bullying me i will stop and think i will think should i be mean back? Then i tell myself no i face the problem like this i go and tell a teacher and leave it at that the teacher will sort things out for me.

Week 10
Be respectful by being tidy.i will do this by putting all my stationary in my tow tray and my chromebook will always be in the cupboard unless using it.
Week 11:
Do good because good is good to do always find ways to show you care.i will do this by being a good friend and alway say positive things like that looks great but you could improve on this and so on.

Thanks for reading!!!!!

By Kate

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