Thursday, April 7, 2016

What I've learnt about PB4L this year so far...

Week 1     Do good because good is good to                          good  do

To be a good friend: If someone bullies a little boy and made the little boy cry,i will ask the little boy what happened then i will take the little boy to a duty teacher.

Week 2    Be respectful.

Look after sports equipment properly:If someone doesn’t use the sports equipment properly i will tell them to use the sports equipment properly.

Week 3 Be respectful.
Follow adult instructions:If someone doesn’t follow Mrs Notley instructions,i want him to follow Mrs Notley instructions.

Week 4   Act safely

Keep our hands and feet to ourselves: Which means hitting,punching,slapping,kicking,and swearing.

Week 5  Be respectful.

Using kind words and good manners:If a teacher gives you a piece of paper,you should use your manners.

Week 6 Act safely

Move safely around the school:Which means one thing which is running around conners.

Week 7 Consider your choices.

Be discerning about sites that you visit:If an inappropriate ad pops out,you should always show it to the teacher.

Week 8 Consider your choices.

Make good learning choices,for me and others:By folding your arms and legs.

Week 9 Consider your choices.
When faced with a problem,use traffic light thinking:Stop think act before you do anything,like telling them nicely not to bully me or others.

Week 10 Be respectful

By being tidy:Pushing your chair,picking up rubbish,and packing your things.

Week 11    Do good because good is good to do.

Show ways to care:By helping others,saying nice things,and inclued others.
By Kalush


  1. Good work on your PB4L Kalush.

    Mrs Utupo

  2. Good work on your PB4L Kalush.

    Mrs Utupo

  3. Well done on your PB4L Kalush