Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What I've learnt about PB4L this year so far...

Week one- be a good friend- to ask  them  to play with us.
Week two- look after   equipment - like pens and pencils

Week three -  follow adult instructions- do as the teacher asks

Week four- Keep hands and feet to yourself- No hitting!

Week five- use kind words and good manners- say nice things, everyone will like you

Week six- Move safely around the school- don’t run around corners, walk

Week seven- be discerning about sites you visit- be careful  and push the right buttons

Week eight- Make good learning choices for me and others- stay focused on my own work, no loud noises or calling out

Week nine- when faced with a problem, use traffic light thinking- stop, think, go

Week ten- be tidy- put things away when finished

Week eleven- find ways to show you care- help others

By Jordan

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  1. Well done Jordan. Good work!

    Mrs Utupo