Tuesday, April 5, 2016

PB4L - What I've learnt so far this term...

Week one:
Do good because good is good to do:Be a good friend.
-Make sure all my friends are ok and checking if they need any help.

Week 2:
Be respectful:Look after equipment and property.
-Not breaking other people's things.

Week 3:
Be respectful:Follow adult instructions.
-Doing what the teacher tells me to do.

Week 4:
Act safely:Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
-By not bothering the people around me.

Week 5:
Be respectful:Use kind words and good manners.
-By not saying bad/mean things when i'm angry.

Week 6:
Act safely:Move safely around the school.
-By not running around corners

Week 7:
Consider your choices:Be discerning about the sites you visit.
-By paying no attention to pop up ads and not going on websites i don’t know.

Week 8:
Consider your choices:Make good learning choices for me and others.
-Not distracting them when they are trying to do their work.

Week 9:
Consider your choices:When faced with a problem use traffic light thinking.
-By choosing to stop think and act positively.

Week 10:
Be respectful:Be tidy.
-Picking up rubbish even if it's not mine.

Week 11:
Do good because good is good to do:Find ways to show you care.
-To ask my friends if they need anything and if they need help.

By Isabella

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