Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dare to be Different Day - 6th April 2016

Room 18s Dare to be different class photo
   Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.33.39 am.png   
Room 18 daring to be different!!!!   

Room 18 daring to be crazy!!!

   Yesterday room 18 took a photo beside the library.It is good to be different, because if everyone was the same it would be Boring and no one would be able to recognise whose who. DIVERSITY is, people being born with different skin color, different styles (fashion wise and learning wise) ,different hobbies and much more. You should be proud about who you are! If someone is doing something different it is not wrong,  it  is just DIFFERENT.

What is autism?
Autism is a condition that adults and kids have that lasts a lifetime. With this condition you learn and act differently to other people.

Who is affected?
Mostly kids and it can go through till they become an adult but it can affect adults in adulthood also.

What do I do if I suspect an autism spectrum disorder?
You need to go to Autism NZ ‘Every step of the way’.

What causes the condition?
People are born this way and learn to live a full and happy life. People just need to understand them better.

By Emma, Cohen, Eashwar and Kalush


  1. So cool and funny!The dare to be different day was very cool!

    From Harry

  2. ha ha ha that looks crazy.waisea

  3. i like your images the silly ones so funny and crazy.:D
    from kate

  4. well done guys that pic is cool

  5. wow that was funny room 18 that is the best photo ever

    from edison

  6. Wow what a crazy day room 18, that looks like fun.

    From Elisa

  7. Well done the picture looks awesome
    From Keira

  8. Mrs notley you look crazy in the bottom photo

  9. Wow great pictures! I love the silly ones!

    From Isabella

  10. Callum's,John's and Mrs Notley's wigs look funny!

    From Harry

  11. This was a funny and fun day in Room 18.

    Mrs Utupo