Saturday, April 9, 2016

End of term Cultural Celebration!!

Hi Room 18 students and parents

On Friday the 15th of April (last day of term) we are all going to have a shared lunch to finish off our Diversity Inquiry unit. If you could all please bring an item of food to share that represents your Country of study or as close as you can get to it. Thanks

Mrs Notley :)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hakuna Matata

Here’s the link to the video of Hakuna Matata used in this afternoon’s celebration. Practice away. Have a good weekend Room 18!

What I've learnt about PB4L this year so far...

Week 1     Do good because good is good to                          good  do

To be a good friend: If someone bullies a little boy and made the little boy cry,i will ask the little boy what happened then i will take the little boy to a duty teacher.

Week 2    Be respectful.

Look after sports equipment properly:If someone doesn’t use the sports equipment properly i will tell them to use the sports equipment properly.

Week 3 Be respectful.
Follow adult instructions:If someone doesn’t follow Mrs Notley instructions,i want him to follow Mrs Notley instructions.

Week 4   Act safely

Keep our hands and feet to ourselves: Which means hitting,punching,slapping,kicking,and swearing.

Week 5  Be respectful.

Using kind words and good manners:If a teacher gives you a piece of paper,you should use your manners.

Week 6 Act safely

Move safely around the school:Which means one thing which is running around conners.

Week 7 Consider your choices.

Be discerning about sites that you visit:If an inappropriate ad pops out,you should always show it to the teacher.

Week 8 Consider your choices.

Make good learning choices,for me and others:By folding your arms and legs.

Week 9 Consider your choices.
When faced with a problem,use traffic light thinking:Stop think act before you do anything,like telling them nicely not to bully me or others.

Week 10 Be respectful

By being tidy:Pushing your chair,picking up rubbish,and packing your things.

Week 11    Do good because good is good to do.

Show ways to care:By helping others,saying nice things,and inclued others.
By Kalush

What I've learnt this year in PB4L so far...

Keep hands and feet to yourself=by not touching anybody else
Move safely around the school=don't run around corners

Look after equipment and property=don’t throw it around the class
Follow adult instructions=by listening to the teacher
Use kind words and kind manners=by say please thankyou please
Be tidy=do not tip anything

Be discerning about sites you go on=do not go on rude websites
Make good learning choices for me and for others=not being a bully
Make good choices=by not being mean
When faced with are problem use traffic light thinking=stop think act i would stop think and act

Be a good friend= do not be mean to your friends
Find ways to show care=by helping people if they are hurt

By edison jiang

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What I've learnt about PB4L this year so far...

Week one- be a good friend- to ask  them  to play with us.
Week two- look after   equipment - like pens and pencils

Week three -  follow adult instructions- do as the teacher asks

Week four- Keep hands and feet to yourself- No hitting!

Week five- use kind words and good manners- say nice things, everyone will like you

Week six- Move safely around the school- don’t run around corners, walk

Week seven- be discerning about sites you visit- be careful  and push the right buttons

Week eight- Make good learning choices for me and others- stay focused on my own work, no loud noises or calling out

Week nine- when faced with a problem, use traffic light thinking- stop, think, go

Week ten- be tidy- put things away when finished

Week eleven- find ways to show you care- help others

By Jordan

Dare to be Different Day - 6th April 2016

Room 18s Dare to be different class photo
   Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.33.39 am.png   
Room 18 daring to be different!!!!   

Room 18 daring to be crazy!!!

   Yesterday room 18 took a photo beside the library.It is good to be different, because if everyone was the same it would be Boring and no one would be able to recognise whose who. DIVERSITY is, people being born with different skin color, different styles (fashion wise and learning wise) ,different hobbies and much more. You should be proud about who you are! If someone is doing something different it is not wrong,  it  is just DIFFERENT.

What is autism?
Autism is a condition that adults and kids have that lasts a lifetime. With this condition you learn and act differently to other people.

Who is affected?
Mostly kids and it can go through till they become an adult but it can affect adults in adulthood also.

What do I do if I suspect an autism spectrum disorder?
You need to go to Autism NZ ‘Every step of the way’.

What causes the condition?
People are born this way and learn to live a full and happy life. People just need to understand them better.

By Emma, Cohen, Eashwar and Kalush

What I've learnt so far this year in PB4L

Do go because good is good to do
Take care of people are sad

Look after Equipment & property

If you find a pen on the ground return it to the owner

Be respectful
Follow adult instructions

If an adult give an instructions you  listen

Act safely
Keep your hands & feet to yourself

Try to avoid being distracted by your hands & feet.
Be respectful
Use kind words & good manners
Make sure you always use manners so you get more friends
Consider your choices
Be discerning about the websites you visit
If you see a pop up on your device shut it down and tell an adult
Consider your choices
Make good learning choices for me and for others
Stay focust
Consider your choices
When faced with a problem ,use traffic light thinking

Always use the school's mascot/ traffic light to guide you .
Be respectful
Be tidy
If there is rubbish on the ground & it’s not yours pick it up anyway
Do good because good is good to do
Find ways to show you care
Lisen to peoples ideas & include them in your games.


What I've learnt so far in PB4L this year...

Week 1:be a good friend:being more nice to my friends and help them more

Week 2:Look after equipment and property:touching my on staff and ask someone if I  can touch it

Week 3:follow adult instructions:not talking to my friends on the mat only when the teacher tells me to

Week 4:keep hands and feet to yourself:give me and other people there space

Week 5:use kind words and good manners:say please and thank you all the time

Week 6:move safe around the school:don’t run around corners and don’t talk by classes

Week 7:be discerning about sites you visit:going to sites that are ok for my age and ok for my learning

Week 8:make good learning choices, for me and for others:when someone is working beside you don’t distract them

Week 9:when faced with a problem, ues traffic light thinking:stopping and ues traffic light thinking what to do    

Week 10:be tidy:touching my own stuff

Week 11:find ways to show you care:help my friends when they are hurt and upset

By Larissa

What I've learnt so far this term with PB4L...

week 1: be a good friend. I will do this by sharing your things and let people join in
-Share with your friends
-let people join in your games

Week 2: Look after equipment and school property.
-push in your chair
-sit in the set properly
-dont lean on the wall

Week 3: follow adult instructions.
-If an adult tells you to do something you do it strate away.

Week 4: keep hands and feet to yourself.
- Don't kick, punch, bite, slap and pinch.
- Give people their own space.

Week 5: Use kind words and good manners.
  • Say please and thank you and no thank you if you don’t want something that is been offered to you.

Week 6: move safely around the school.
-Do not run around corners
-do not push people off the play grounds.

Week 7: be discerning about the sites you visit.
-go on websites that you and your teacher know are apropeyt for learning.

Week 8: make good learning choices, for me and others.
-help each other out when they are confused with their work.
- don't distract your friends and classmates when working.

Week 9: when faced with a problem use traffic light thinking.
-Stop think act.
-stop then think what you are going to do and then act it out.

Week 10: Be tidy
- push in your chair and pik up rubbish that is on the floor and on tables.

Week 11: find ways to show you care.- look at the pirson when they speak.
By Chloe

What I've learnt so far with PB4L this term...


Week 4
Keep hands and feet to yourself  
(i will ignore people  who are touching me)

Week 6
Move safely around the school
(I will avoid running around corners)
Week 2

Look after equipment and property
(i will return any equipment that i use)

Week 3
Follow adult instructions
(If a adult tells me to do something i will do it)

Week  4
Use kind words and good manners
(If someone give me something I will say thank you)

Week 10
Be tidy
(i will keep my uniform clean)

Week 2
Be discerning about the website you visit
(I will always go to the website that a teacher/parent tells)

Week 3
make good leaning choices for me and others
(I will be a good role model)

Week 5
Make good choices
(I will pick up rubbish when i go past it )

Week 9
When faced with a problem, use traffic light thinking

Week 10 be a good friend
(include people in your game)

Week 11
Find ways to show care.
(Help them)

By Eashwar

What I've learnt so far in PB4L this year...

Week one:
Do good because good is good to do:
Be a good friend.i would do this by looking after them by taking them to the office.

Week 2:
Be respectful by looking after equipment and property.i would do this by putting my stationery
away tidily.

Week 3:
Be respectful by following adult  instructions.i would do this by sitting on the mat quietly and ignoring people who annoy me.

Week 4:
Act safely by keeping hands and feet to yourself.i will do this by folding my legs and arms.

Week 5:
Be respectful kind words and good manners.i will do this by saying please and thank you and asking nicely if people could do jobs and move over.

Week 6:
Act safely by moving safely around the school.i will do this by walking around the corners and walking up stairs.

Week 7:
Consider my choices by being discerning about sites you visit by.i will do this by always asking (even at school) before going on websites that are new to you.

Week 8:
Consider my choices by making good learning choices for you and for others.i will do this by doing my work and keeping my eyes on my work and my work only.

Week 9:
Consider my choices by when i am faced with a problem use traffic light thinking.i will do this by if someone is bullying me i will stop and think i will think should i be mean back? Then i tell myself no i face the problem like this i go and tell a teacher and leave it at that the teacher will sort things out for me.

Week 10
Be respectful by being tidy.i will do this by putting all my stationary in my tow tray and my chromebook will always be in the cupboard unless using it.
Week 11:
Do good because good is good to do always find ways to show you care.i will do this by being a good friend and alway say positive things like that looks great but you could improve on this and so on.

Thanks for reading!!!!!

By Kate

What I've learnt so far this year in PB4L...

(week one)
Do good because good is good to do:be a good friend
-let others play with you.
-let others sometimes choose the game.
-Be nice are caring.

(week two)
Be respectful:Look after equipment and property
-use the equipment like is it meant to be used.
-look before you kick.
-Take good care of what you take out.

(week three)
Be respectful:follow adult instructions
-Do what a adult has told you to do.
-Listen to what the adults say.

(week four)
Act safely:keep you hands and feet to yourself
-Stay in your own space.
-fold your arms and legs
-Try not to touch anyone else but yourself

(week five)
Be respectful:Use kind words and good manners.
-Always use please and thankyou.
-Say kind words to one and other.
-Walk and don’t run.

(week six)
Act safely:move safely around the school.
-Walk around corners.
-Walk around a football or soccer game.
-Look out for little kids

(week seven)
Consider your choices-be discerning about the sites you visit.
-choose good and the right site to go on.
-Think before you act.
-Be discerning before you go on sites

(week eight)
Consider your choices-Make good learning choices for me and others.
-get on with your own work.

(week nine)
Consider your choices-When faced with a problem use traffic light thinking.
-use stop,think and act to help you with a problem.

(week ten)
Be respectful-Be tidy.
-put away everything you were using,

(week eleven)
Do good because good is good to do-Find ways to show you care.
-Do what you are asked to do propply.  
By Ashlee