Friday, March 4, 2016

Tui team Celebration

On Friday of week 5 it was the Tui team's turn to run Celebration for the school. Room 18 were also the presenters, which was cool! We decided to learn our Mihi's (Maori introduction of ourselves, iwi's, tribes, river and mountain) and share them at Celebration. We also made harakeke puti puti's and shared our finished products.

Here are some photos of our celebration presenting.

 Emma introducing our brave students who shared their Mihi's with the audience. Well done to Matua, Elisa, Natalie and Kalush!

                                                 Natalie presenting her Mihi - Go Nat!
                                           Elisa now presenting her Mihi!! Awesome job :)
                                         Lastly Kalush sharing his Mihi. Super expression :)
                           Ashlee and Kaitlin talking about how we made our harakeke puti puti's
                                                   Our awesome harakeke puti puti's!!
                                                      Singing our Waiata - 'Toia Mai'

                                                          Now with the actions too :)


  1. Tui team rocks.But mostly room 18

  2. comeon kalush of course room 18 is the best class in the school

  3. This was an amazing celebration. I hope our next one is like this one.

    From Elisa

  4. We are an awesome class go ROOM 18!!!

    From Elisa