Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fractured Fairy tales

This term Room 18 has been very busy creating our own fractured fairy tales. We went through the elements of how a fairy tale is constructed:
Once we understood these elements we needed to pick at least 2 of these to change for our fractured fairy tale writing.

We have included a variety of photos and our stories for you to enjoy.

Illuna/Cyclops And The Panda’s
Illustrated By Elisa, Natalie and Larissa.
It all started when a little girl named Illuna was growing up, pretty fast though. Illuna wanted to travel around the Moon and the planet Venus. When Illuna was 13 years old she became meaner and selfish, so the other kids started to get really scared of her. So since everyone was scared of her she started to go into other people's houses and she went in destroying them, so the other families couldn’t live in them.They were so upset that they wanted to curse her! While Illuna was on her way to her star home she saw her mum frustrated that Illuna was getting so selfish. One day Illuna saw a beautiful house, Illuna thought it was so ugly that it is was so perfect. At that very moment Illuna went inside but there was nobody inside the perfect house, Illuna thought it was marvellous. So she went and smashed pots and vases and everything expensive, but suddenly the door opened and the owner of the house was back…

AHHHH!!! shouted the owner of the house she was so furious that she turned into her real form of what she have achieved. The owner was actually a fairy she was so mad that she turned Illuna into a big ugly looking CYCLOP. Then the fairy banished Illuna which is a cyclop now from the home of the light shining star. When Illuna woke up from the dust, she saw that she was on the Moon, her wish came true as a little kid. Since Illuna was a cyclop now she has the ability to see from a long distance what she saw was the planet Venus. There was a little cottage right in the woods of dust she saw three pandas in the cottage. There was a cute baby panda, a beautiful mother panda and a strong leader father.

So Illuna went to Venus by jumping on asteroids to planet venus it seemed a bit dangerous. But as soon as Illuna the cyclop jumped to the next asteroid it broke into pieces, when it broke she quickly jumped to the next asteroid. Finally after Illuna made it to the planet Venus she walked through the woods of dust. Meanwhile the pandas went to bed for an afternoon sleep ZZZZ!💤😴. She went through the woods of dust, Illuna said that nothing can scare her but except for the woods of dust, so cyclop Illuna ran as fast as she could 😧.  Illuna was so terrified that she ran into the wrong direction but she ran and ran, until she saw the steam coming from the pandas cottage. As Illuna ran she went into the panda’s little cottage, and she walked out of the cottage and she found a large rock. Illuna picked it up and went inside the cottage again she laughed but in a evil way, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!. So Illuna smashed everything and then she saw something shining from the corner of her eye. Illuna went up to it, it was a small hexagon diamond but Illuna didn’t care about it so she destroyed it too!.

When Illuna finished destroying it she thought the diamond meant something, but her mind was cleared she red something about it and that diamond looked familiar to her. But she didn’t care so Illuna went upstairs and she saw three beds with a name on each one. There was Toffy, Poffy and fluffy then Illuna remembered there was supposed to be three pandas in this cottage. Suddenly Illuna heard a snore so Illuna looked up onto the beds and flipped open the blankets, there it was the three pandas. As Illuna looked Toffy the father woke up and saw this freak. He screamed!!! And woke up all the other pandas they were all angry at Illuna. So Illuna said sorry and ran all the way back to her star home. And because she said sorry she turned back into a normal girl. After that she promised that she would never do anything bad again so everyone was glad that she was good now, not selfish and not mean anymore so they lived happily ever after THE END.

By Elisa, Natalie and Larissa

Once upon a time about a year ago there lived a prime minister with two children called Lexy & Liam Bellamy and her three pet rattlesnakes. Liam was going to his friend Matuas house & Lexy was going to jump in the paddling pool. And there father was signing papers . Meanwhile at matuas house they were playing xbox they were playing cod black ops 3 . Liam had just won three times in a row ,Matua got very very very angry Meanwhile in the paddling pool Lexy was sloshing around with a rubber duck.

The father was still signing papers then suddenly   BANG!
`What was that `said the father `ehh i have been shot` LEXY` `yes father` dial this number` `ok` `028 6551 002``beep beep beep ` LIAM DAD HAS JUST BEEN SHOT COME HOME NOW`said Lexy`but lexy what what happened` said Liam someone shot daddy said lexy all right i’m coming home now”. “OK YOU WERE TELLING THE TRUTH”. “Let's call the police “ said liam “ok liam” said lexy “what shall we do!” We should call 111 beep beep!  “Hi police someone shot the our father and our father is the prime minister please come and help us.”right away children”  said the police bedow bedow! “Hello children” said the police.

“What can i help you with?” Asked the police” well “ begin laim before the police interrupted “ to call the ambulance””no” said liam “WHAT”said the police “we want to find the murderer” ok “said the police  and he stored out the door so did lexy and liam . they walked out the door. Crack” WHAT WAS THAT “ the murderer is here… “o
Oh no! As they turned around the murderer  jumped out the window! “Follow that murder” screamed liam and they ran out the door. “Follow him”said lexy. As she toddles out the door and padded behind them “come on” said liam picking her up and running after the police wait  shouted liam. Dashing after him the police stopped to wait for them and liam said “shorter legs run slower let's catch a taxi “suggest liam “ok said the police”taxi taxi hire taxi” shouted the police than liam had a go and got it intently  with no trouble at all. “Follow that man” said the police.and they speed off. Leaving  the station behind then bang bang bang! “ He's shooting” at us screamed lexy in fright.” All right if there shooting at us try shooting at a police”. And he stopped the car while lexi was shaking all over , liam could barely hold her “stop bouncing “ said liam “ but i can’t” wined lexy “start the car” said liam and they zoomed off leaving the police behind then he came running after him.then they catch the thief. When they get home and they take the prime minister to hosterpill and save him and they take the  madeira to  jail and they all live happily ever after.

The end.
By Keira, Kate and Liam


  1. I really liked both of your story's and my fav part was when there was a big BANG in one of the storys!

  2. amasing room 18
    from Kate
    ps sorry about spelling!hehe

  3. Fantastic stories room 18!
    from Harry

  4. Well done keira,Kate and liam I loved reading your story!
    (i have read it a few times)
    From Ash

  5. Great BANG! Keira,Kate and liam!

    From Harry

  6. Awesome work on your Fractured Fairy tale writing Room 18. You worked really well together in your groups and I enjoyed reading your stories. Well done everyone!

    Mrs Utupo