Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fractured fairy tales #3

ldentrap and the three bears!

Once upon a time in a forest far far away there was a jail. In that jail there was a girl her name was Goldentrap.Goldentrap was very good at trapping. One day Goldentrap escapes and runs home. She locked her door and closed her curtains so no one could see her. After a couple of days she walked to investigation co. and got a job.”When do I start?” She asks the boss,”Right now” says the boss.He told her the super chip was in the enchanted forest at the three bears house so she walked to the bears house.She ran inside and locked the door but before she did that she set traps around the house. She gets a little hungry and finds three bowls of cereal. One had to much, one had too little and one had just the right amount. Soon she gets tired and finds a place to rest her legs. In one room she found a chair but that chair was to big, she found another in the next room but that was too short and in the room next to that the chair in there was just right.Just as she started getting comfortable the chair she was sitting on broke, BOOM! Goldentrap fell onto the floor and hit her head. She got a little sleepy and went up to the bears bedroom to find a nice bed for her to sleep in. She finds three beds and tries them all but two of them were too uncomfortable so she set traps in them and falls asleep in the last one. Soon the three bears come home and as soon as they see the traps they know Goldentrap is in their house. They have to stop her and everyone knows the only way to stop Goldentrap is to scare her out of the house she is in by breaking the traps and trap her. The first trap is broken and wakes Goldentrap up, “AHH! SOMEONE’s BREAKING MY TRAPS!” Screams Goldentrap and rushes around the room. The three bears make a sign that looks like Goldentraps house and put it over a cliff BANG! The last trap is broken and goldentrap ran out the house and saw the sign, thinking it was her house she ran over to it and instead of going inside she fell to her death. The three bears go to sleep that night and don’t realise that there are traps in the bed and they get painfully traped
By Isabella, John and Harry

“AH help,help alien taking mummy and daddy!”yelped baby bear.As spylocks was creeeping through the woods,she heard the yelp of baby bear.Spylocks started to sprint towords the nosie but… as she got clpser she watched the mummy and daddy bear get lifted up into the U.F.O.Spylocks grabs baby bear and rushes to the door.Then she slides under the bed,THUMP! Thump! Thump! As they hear stomping coming up the stairs.Spylocks pears from under the bed as she sees the door creek open.Baby bear sees a blurple figure starting to form ”we have to get out of here” squeded baby bear.Spylocks tells baby bear to stay there while she opens the window but as she gets out from under the bed the blurple alien comes and takes spylocks to his U.F.O!She tries to escape out the door the door closes with a BANG! She does not know what to do.Just then she hears the blurple aliens say “we will take her to where we put the bears” so spylocks stayed still and waited for the liens to take her.But hours past and they still did not take her,so she looked around the corner to see the aliens but instead she saw the mummy and daddy bear running to her shouting “RUN!”When she saw and heard them she ran for the door and pushed it open.They jumped out the door and started to fall down down down.Until they neatly formed in their house with a cup of tea in their hand.they said “thanks” but before they could say thanks spylocks disappeared.
By Ashlee, Eashwar, Emma and Darius

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  1. That was OK but the spelling was a bit bad!!!
    if you did your spelling right you would have had the best story.