Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fractured fairy tales #3

ldentrap and the three bears!

Once upon a time in a forest far far away there was a jail. In that jail there was a girl her name was Goldentrap.Goldentrap was very good at trapping. One day Goldentrap escapes and runs home. She locked her door and closed her curtains so no one could see her. After a couple of days she walked to investigation co. and got a job.”When do I start?” She asks the boss,”Right now” says the boss.He told her the super chip was in the enchanted forest at the three bears house so she walked to the bears house.She ran inside and locked the door but before she did that she set traps around the house. She gets a little hungry and finds three bowls of cereal. One had to much, one had too little and one had just the right amount. Soon she gets tired and finds a place to rest her legs. In one room she found a chair but that chair was to big, she found another in the next room but that was too short and in the room next to that the chair in there was just right.Just as she started getting comfortable the chair she was sitting on broke, BOOM! Goldentrap fell onto the floor and hit her head. She got a little sleepy and went up to the bears bedroom to find a nice bed for her to sleep in. She finds three beds and tries them all but two of them were too uncomfortable so she set traps in them and falls asleep in the last one. Soon the three bears come home and as soon as they see the traps they know Goldentrap is in their house. They have to stop her and everyone knows the only way to stop Goldentrap is to scare her out of the house she is in by breaking the traps and trap her. The first trap is broken and wakes Goldentrap up, “AHH! SOMEONE’s BREAKING MY TRAPS!” Screams Goldentrap and rushes around the room. The three bears make a sign that looks like Goldentraps house and put it over a cliff BANG! The last trap is broken and goldentrap ran out the house and saw the sign, thinking it was her house she ran over to it and instead of going inside she fell to her death. The three bears go to sleep that night and don’t realise that there are traps in the bed and they get painfully traped
By Isabella, John and Harry

“AH help,help alien taking mummy and daddy!”yelped baby bear.As spylocks was creeeping through the woods,she heard the yelp of baby bear.Spylocks started to sprint towords the nosie but… as she got clpser she watched the mummy and daddy bear get lifted up into the U.F.O.Spylocks grabs baby bear and rushes to the door.Then she slides under the bed,THUMP! Thump! Thump! As they hear stomping coming up the stairs.Spylocks pears from under the bed as she sees the door creek open.Baby bear sees a blurple figure starting to form ”we have to get out of here” squeded baby bear.Spylocks tells baby bear to stay there while she opens the window but as she gets out from under the bed the blurple alien comes and takes spylocks to his U.F.O!She tries to escape out the door the door closes with a BANG! She does not know what to do.Just then she hears the blurple aliens say “we will take her to where we put the bears” so spylocks stayed still and waited for the liens to take her.But hours past and they still did not take her,so she looked around the corner to see the aliens but instead she saw the mummy and daddy bear running to her shouting “RUN!”When she saw and heard them she ran for the door and pushed it open.They jumped out the door and started to fall down down down.Until they neatly formed in their house with a cup of tea in their hand.they said “thanks” but before they could say thanks spylocks disappeared.
By Ashlee, Eashwar, Emma and Darius

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fractured Fairy tales

This term Room 18 has been very busy creating our own fractured fairy tales. We went through the elements of how a fairy tale is constructed:
Once we understood these elements we needed to pick at least 2 of these to change for our fractured fairy tale writing.

We have included a variety of photos and our stories for you to enjoy.

Illuna/Cyclops And The Panda’s
Illustrated By Elisa, Natalie and Larissa.
It all started when a little girl named Illuna was growing up, pretty fast though. Illuna wanted to travel around the Moon and the planet Venus. When Illuna was 13 years old she became meaner and selfish, so the other kids started to get really scared of her. So since everyone was scared of her she started to go into other people's houses and she went in destroying them, so the other families couldn’t live in them.They were so upset that they wanted to curse her! While Illuna was on her way to her star home she saw her mum frustrated that Illuna was getting so selfish. One day Illuna saw a beautiful house, Illuna thought it was so ugly that it is was so perfect. At that very moment Illuna went inside but there was nobody inside the perfect house, Illuna thought it was marvellous. So she went and smashed pots and vases and everything expensive, but suddenly the door opened and the owner of the house was back…

AHHHH!!! shouted the owner of the house she was so furious that she turned into her real form of what she have achieved. The owner was actually a fairy she was so mad that she turned Illuna into a big ugly looking CYCLOP. Then the fairy banished Illuna which is a cyclop now from the home of the light shining star. When Illuna woke up from the dust, she saw that she was on the Moon, her wish came true as a little kid. Since Illuna was a cyclop now she has the ability to see from a long distance what she saw was the planet Venus. There was a little cottage right in the woods of dust she saw three pandas in the cottage. There was a cute baby panda, a beautiful mother panda and a strong leader father.

So Illuna went to Venus by jumping on asteroids to planet venus it seemed a bit dangerous. But as soon as Illuna the cyclop jumped to the next asteroid it broke into pieces, when it broke she quickly jumped to the next asteroid. Finally after Illuna made it to the planet Venus she walked through the woods of dust. Meanwhile the pandas went to bed for an afternoon sleep ZZZZ!💤😴. She went through the woods of dust, Illuna said that nothing can scare her but except for the woods of dust, so cyclop Illuna ran as fast as she could 😧.  Illuna was so terrified that she ran into the wrong direction but she ran and ran, until she saw the steam coming from the pandas cottage. As Illuna ran she went into the panda’s little cottage, and she walked out of the cottage and she found a large rock. Illuna picked it up and went inside the cottage again she laughed but in a evil way, MWAHAHAHAHA!!!. So Illuna smashed everything and then she saw something shining from the corner of her eye. Illuna went up to it, it was a small hexagon diamond but Illuna didn’t care about it so she destroyed it too!.

When Illuna finished destroying it she thought the diamond meant something, but her mind was cleared she red something about it and that diamond looked familiar to her. But she didn’t care so Illuna went upstairs and she saw three beds with a name on each one. There was Toffy, Poffy and fluffy then Illuna remembered there was supposed to be three pandas in this cottage. Suddenly Illuna heard a snore so Illuna looked up onto the beds and flipped open the blankets, there it was the three pandas. As Illuna looked Toffy the father woke up and saw this freak. He screamed!!! And woke up all the other pandas they were all angry at Illuna. So Illuna said sorry and ran all the way back to her star home. And because she said sorry she turned back into a normal girl. After that she promised that she would never do anything bad again so everyone was glad that she was good now, not selfish and not mean anymore so they lived happily ever after THE END.

By Elisa, Natalie and Larissa

Once upon a time about a year ago there lived a prime minister with two children called Lexy & Liam Bellamy and her three pet rattlesnakes. Liam was going to his friend Matuas house & Lexy was going to jump in the paddling pool. And there father was signing papers . Meanwhile at matuas house they were playing xbox they were playing cod black ops 3 . Liam had just won three times in a row ,Matua got very very very angry Meanwhile in the paddling pool Lexy was sloshing around with a rubber duck.

The father was still signing papers then suddenly   BANG!
`What was that `said the father `ehh i have been shot` LEXY` `yes father` dial this number` `ok` `028 6551 002``beep beep beep ` LIAM DAD HAS JUST BEEN SHOT COME HOME NOW`said Lexy`but lexy what what happened` said Liam someone shot daddy said lexy all right i’m coming home now”. “OK YOU WERE TELLING THE TRUTH”. “Let's call the police “ said liam “ok liam” said lexy “what shall we do!” We should call 111 beep beep!  “Hi police someone shot the our father and our father is the prime minister please come and help us.”right away children”  said the police bedow bedow! “Hello children” said the police.

“What can i help you with?” Asked the police” well “ begin laim before the police interrupted “ to call the ambulance””no” said liam “WHAT”said the police “we want to find the murderer” ok “said the police  and he stored out the door so did lexy and liam . they walked out the door. Crack” WHAT WAS THAT “ the murderer is here… “o
Oh no! As they turned around the murderer  jumped out the window! “Follow that murder” screamed liam and they ran out the door. “Follow him”said lexy. As she toddles out the door and padded behind them “come on” said liam picking her up and running after the police wait  shouted liam. Dashing after him the police stopped to wait for them and liam said “shorter legs run slower let's catch a taxi “suggest liam “ok said the police”taxi taxi hire taxi” shouted the police than liam had a go and got it intently  with no trouble at all. “Follow that man” said the police.and they speed off. Leaving  the station behind then bang bang bang! “ He's shooting” at us screamed lexy in fright.” All right if there shooting at us try shooting at a police”. And he stopped the car while lexi was shaking all over , liam could barely hold her “stop bouncing “ said liam “ but i can’t” wined lexy “start the car” said liam and they zoomed off leaving the police behind then he came running after him.then they catch the thief. When they get home and they take the prime minister to hosterpill and save him and they take the  madeira to  jail and they all live happily ever after.

The end.
By Keira, Kate and Liam

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cultural Comparisons Part 2

Here are our next lot of cultural slideshows:

Sarai's Inquiry of New Zealand:

Matua's Inquiry of New Zealand:

Kalush's Inquiry of Fiji:

Callum's Inquiry of England:

Carter's Inquiry of Ireland:

Elisa's Inquiry of Scotland:

Cultural comparisons - Looking at our Families Country of Origin compared to New Zealand

This term as part of our Inquiry we have been looking at our family heritage. We have researched, interviewed and celebrated all of the unique ways our ancestors lived. As we are nearing the end result of our Inquiry we have some amazing slide shows to share of our findings.

Hope you enjoy looking at them!
Isabella's Inquiry of South Africa:

Waisea's Inquiry of Fiji:

Chloe's Inquiry of Japan:

Harry's Inquiry of Ireland:

Natalie's Inquiry of China:

Eashwar's Inquiry of India:

Ashlee's Inquiry of Denmark:

Jordan's Inquiry of England:

Caitlin's Inquiry of Japan:

Edison's Inquiry of China:

Larissa's Inquiry of Japan:

John's Inquiry of the Cook Island's:

Kate's Inquiry of Serbia:

Emma's Inquiry of Croatia:

Cohen's Inquiry of Samoa:

Jordie's Inquiry of New Zealand:

Darius' Inquiry of Niue:

Matua's Inquiry of New Zealand:

Dayton's Inquiry of China:

Dylan's Inquiry of Samoa:

Keira's Inquiry of Sweden:

Cultural celebrations and how they differ to New Zealand ways of celebrating

  1. All students were to ask a person from a different culture about their way of celebrating. Below are some responses of their way of celebrating.

    1. Do all families in your community celebrate the holiday?
    2. If all families celebrate the holiday, do they do it in the same way?
    3. Are there special foods eaten at this holiday time? If so, what are they?
    4. What do people wear for the holiday?
    5. Do people exchange gifts? If so, what kinds of gifts are received or exchanged?
    6. Would you include someone from a different culture in your holiday? If so, how would you do this?
    7. Is there something you don’t like about the holiday? If so, what is it?
    8. Is there something you love about the holiday? If so, what is it?

1. No,not all families celebrate St Patrick's day.Only usually Irish people or Irish descendents celebrate this day.

Saint Patrick's Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March..Celebrations generally involve public parades, festivals,music and Irish dancing.

3.corned beef and cabbage, shepherd's pie and Irish soda bread.Lots of guinness to drink.

4.Green clothing with shamrocks.And remember, if you don't wear green, you risk being pinched.

5.No they don’t.

6.Yes.they would join in on the celebrations.

7.No.absolutely love celebrating this holiday.

8.Yes.Love the atmosphere and everyone having fun.Opportunnity  to celebreate our Irish culture and tradition.
Omagh, County TyroneShamrock
By Isabella
Interviewee was Ashlee: Same questions as above were asked
2.I get together with my dads family in the morning and at night we go to me mums family Christmas
3.We eat roast chicken and veg
4.We were Christmas hats and everything else the same
5.yes we do,mostly money or toys
6.we would probably invite them to our big one but for the family ones we would not
7.I do not like how i do not do much maths in the holidays
8.I love spending time with my family so that is what i love
By Kate

My holiday is Mid Summer Festival in Finland.
1.    Do all families in your community celebrate the holiday?         
Yes – celebration falls on the weekend closest to the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere (around June 20) and is considered to be the start of the real summer. Shops close by mid day on Mid Summer Eve and people head outside the cities to their batches by the sea or a lake, camping grounds etc. They want to be close to the nature.
2.    If all families celebrate the holiday, do they do it in the same way?     
No – there is no set way to celebrate this holiday, but normally people stay outdoors late to enjoy the lovely light night and each others company. Kokko (bonfire) is a common part of this holiday and is often lit floating on water, As not everyone is able to light one on their own property due to fire risk there are also public bonfires. BBQs and sauna bathing are popular. Finnish flag is hoisted up and stays up all weekend. Swedish speaking population might do Maypole dancing.
3.    Are there special foods eaten at this holiday time? If so, what are they?        
Yes – after the heavy winter foods all fresh salads and BBQ sausages and meats are very welcome. Pulla (sweet cinnamon bun) is a must and ice cream with new summer flavours. Boiled new summer potatoes with dill will be available in some areas.
4.    What do people wear for the holiday?            
Summer clothes – after the long winter this is the time to shake off all the winter woollies. For formal parties people dress up in their best clothes. Some people wear the traditional Finnish costumes.
5.    Do people exchange gifts? If so, what kinds of gifts are received or exchanged?
No gifts are exchanged on this holiday.
6.    Would you include someone from a different culture in your holiday? If so, how would you do this?
Yes – everyone is welcome. This celebration is all about enjoying each others company in the “night less night”. There is an open door policy and open invitation for anyone to join in.
7.    Is there something you don’t like about the holiday? If so, what is it?
Yes – mosquitos. There are thousands of them and they make the most of having people staying outdoors till the early hours of Mid Summer Day.
  1. Is there something you love about the holiday? If so, what is it?
Yes – the light and the warm weather – it is the most beautiful time of the year especially by the Polar Circle where the sun doesn’t set this time of the year. You will be able to read your book without a lamp at any time of the night.
By Callum

Indian Celebrate Diwali (festive of lights) I Interviewed Nilishni Prasad
1.     Do all families in your community celebrate the holiday? Yes most of them do.
2.     If all families celebrate the holiday, do they do it in the same way? Yes we all do the same way . With prayer and lots of eating and visiting family and friends.
3.     Are there special foods eaten at this holiday time? If so, what are they? Yes special food are prepared , including all different kind of sweets i.e laddo and barifi. Savouries and vegetarian dishes i.e bahajai, puri and  samosa
4.     What do people wear for the holiday? We wear beautiful colour clothes.  Females wear saree , kameez and males wear kurta shirt.
5.     Do people exchange gifts? If so, what kinds of gifts are received or exchanged? Yes we exchange gifts. Such as clothes and also sweets
6.     Would you include someone from a different culture in your holiday? If so, how would you do this? Yes we would invite them over for dinner or for afternoon tea with sweets. Invite them to play fire crackers and light candles
7.     Is there something you don’t like about the holiday? If so, what is it? You have to prepare lots of things and cook lots of food.
8.     Is there something you love about the holiday? If so, what is it? Its always nice to have all the family around, play firecrackers and light Diya’s and candles
By Larissa

Friday, March 4, 2016

Tui team Celebration

On Friday of week 5 it was the Tui team's turn to run Celebration for the school. Room 18 were also the presenters, which was cool! We decided to learn our Mihi's (Maori introduction of ourselves, iwi's, tribes, river and mountain) and share them at Celebration. We also made harakeke puti puti's and shared our finished products.

Here are some photos of our celebration presenting.

 Emma introducing our brave students who shared their Mihi's with the audience. Well done to Matua, Elisa, Natalie and Kalush!

                                                 Natalie presenting her Mihi - Go Nat!
                                           Elisa now presenting her Mihi!! Awesome job :)
                                         Lastly Kalush sharing his Mihi. Super expression :)
                           Ashlee and Kaitlin talking about how we made our harakeke puti puti's
                                                   Our awesome harakeke puti puti's!!
                                                      Singing our Waiata - 'Toia Mai'

                                                          Now with the actions too :)

Inquiry - 'Diverse Masterchef'

Last week for our homework we all had to make a special dish from the country we picked for our Inquiry study. We had amazing cuisine come in from South Africa, England, Fiji, India, Japan, China, Yugoslavia, New Zealand, Croatia to name a few.

On Friday we had special judges come in  and judge the quality of our food, presentation and how independent we were with making our dishes. Thanks to (Mrs Gregory, Mrs Beale, Jo, and John's dad, Dean) for being awesome willing judges who remained professional and did a fantastic job... I think they rolled out of Room 18 after all of that food!

Our winners were as follows: 1st place - Chloe, 2nd place - Eashwar and 3rd place equal - Kate and Ashlee. Well done to our winners and also to the whole class for dedicating time to produce high quality dishes. I know the judges found it hard to judge because they were all yummy!

Below are some photos of our dishes and the judges enjoying our treats.

Our awesome judges! Jo, where did you run away to???

Happy Chloe - 1st place with her amazing chicken sushi!

Eashwar taking away 2nd place with his super butter chicken and roti :)
3rd equal Kate with her yummy yugoslavian bread and Ashlee with her delectable berries and pancakes!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tui Team Homework Club

Tui Team Homework Club
To help our students become more responsible about completing homework tasks and remembering to bring homework to school on the due date, the Tui Team has implemented a Friday“Homework Club” during break times, for students who have not completed or who have forgotten their homework to get it done. Students are still able to eat and are not expected to spend the whole break time in the club. We have already found after two weeks that children are getting better at self management, and understanding the importance of completing tasks set for home.
 We know there are weeks when things come up and students are not able to get their homework done for one reason or another. Please either email your child’s classroom teacher or pop a note in their homework book explaining this, and that you would appreciate them being excused from homework club.

Tips to help your children become more independent about homework:
- Provide a break between getting home from school and starting their homework
- Set aside a certain time and place specifically for homework
- Let your child’s teacher know early on in the week if there are parts of the homework that are not clear for your child
- Your child will ALWAYS have homework, unless you receive notification otherwise.