Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Room 18 busy at work

Room 18
At the start of term 1 in room 18 we started making self portraits using collage for our learning intention. Mrs Slee told us the SC, which was to: make sure there was no doggy ears (which are flaps that aren't glued down properly), make sure we cover all areas of our body, so there is no background showing on the bottom of our paper, ripping our paper/magazines into different sized pieces.

This is how you can make a self portrait with collage:  at home all you need is a printed photo of yourself showing only your shoulder’s and face. Next you need to match up your skin colour using paper or magazines to cover over your photo. We needed to make sure we used a different shade of skin colour for our necks to show the contours of our face and neck. Finally you’ll need some magazines with lots of pictures of noses, eyes and mouths (or you can print your face again then glue them on) to place over your photo. You need to rip up the paper/magazine into little pieces so it adds texture and glue them onto your photo. So that’s how you can make a self portrait with collage.

Class treaty:
Also in room 18 we created a class treaty. We used the PB4L A,B,C,D's to create the guidelines for our classroom. We need to be really careful because we are an upstairs classroom and we all want to be safe while we are learning. We all agreed to our guidelines and decided to sign the class treaty which means we promise to follow what it says and we have to do the actions of what it says.

Team building activity:
Today we did a team building activity called lily pad crossing, where there’s 2 teams competing against eachother. The object of the activity is to cross with your whole team to the finishing point using only 9 pieces of paper. The rules are: you can not touch the floor (concrete, carpet, grass etc) and someone has to be always be on each lily pad, otherwise your whole team has to start again. It was very challenging but we learnt how to collaborate as a team and encourage one another.

By Emma

 Self portrait art!!!

 Team building time - Team A v Team B :)

 So frustrating! We were nearly to the finish line and we failed our mission to stay on the lily pads! Start again time!

Room 18's class matrix :) We all agreed on a set of guidelines which will help all of us to be safe, be respectful, consider our choices and do good because good is good to do!