Thursday, February 25, 2016

Our Family Taonga's (Treasures)

Last week as part of our homework we needed to ask our families if they had something special from their ancestors or family line to share in class. We had quite a few special treasures turn up for sharing. We have attached some videos and photos of Room 18 sharing their special family treasures.
Hope you enjoy!

Kalush shared about his families 'prayer cup' (pooja)

Kate shared some Yugoslavian good luck charms for couples when they get married (from her Grandfather)

Isabella shared a photo of her foster brother who lived with her family for 10 months

Eashwar shared a fable that his Grandfather wrote and illustrated

Ashlee shared a photo and package of her Great Grandfathers Peg business he owned back in the day

Chloe shared this Ritual mask from Saudi Arabia

Chloe shared this fossil rock from Saudi Arabia

Chloe shared her special book from when she was a baby and needed to have a heart operation

Callum shared his Grandma's broach from the American soldiers from the World War
Elisa shared about her special teddy bear that she has had since she was born (he came from overseas) and she brought in her special scrapbooks that her Mum made that are all about her from when she was first born right up to now!

Harry shared his families 'Cooper - Coat of Arms'
           Keira shared an old family dictionary from the 1800's which has passed on to her Mum


  1. Hi Ms. Notley,

    We really enjoyed going through this post. Ideal way to teach the children of their family values and culture. Well done!


    Hari & Sucee (Eashwar's parents)