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On Wednesday 30th November Room 18 and Room 15 went to Extreme Edge.On the way there the bus was noisy.It was noisy like people were talking loudy in the mall.When we arrived at Extreme Edge,the staff helped us to put on the harness and then the staff tightened them.Then one of the staff taught us how to  rock climb.He told us that if there is a red strip,those will automatically let you down.If you are scared and you think that you are to high,you just let go of the wall and you automatically come down.Then after lunch time,we got to go on the adult rock climbing wall.It was scary and fun.I had the best time in my life.
By Kalush

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Maraetaii beach!

Yay! On friday  the 2nd of december at 8:10am we went on the bus and everyone was talking on the way it was a bit noisy  for me so I went to sleep at 8:30am we got to Maraetai and I said yay! We had some morning tea first and the lady there was called Abby. She was talking to us for a bit  and then we went  on the kayak’s. I was a bit  scared but my teacher took a photo of me and  it was fun! After that we went  to do some arts and Crafts, it was so Fun! after that we had some lunch and went on the BMX bike’s it was so fun that day. At 2:00pm we went back to school. The end.
By Jordie  

E.O.T.C week was fun but I only had one choice and it was EXTREME EDGE. I chose this because the last time I went I didn’t finish a rock climbing wall but then I finished it and it was way easier than before. One other reason is because I played on the playground and it was fun, sort of, because I kept banging my head on the roof or something. When we got there we ate and we had to listen to instructions. After that was finished I ran to the KING KONG wall and climbed to the top in like 30 seconds. Then I went to space on the spaceship with Eashwar. Finally I had lunch and did more rock climbing and then went back to school and went home.
By Carter


E.O.T.C week was fun. But I only had to choose one thing that was fun, so I chose to talk about Extreme Edge and it was fun. It was awesome at Extreme edge but first we had to go on the bus... BORING and why? let me tell you. We played the silent game which wasn’t very silent at all. People were kicking me at the back and people were staring at me in the eyes, which was creepy! About 30 minutes later we were there and when I was about to go in i just remembered it was morning tea. It didn’t take that long but when we went inside we had to wait another 30 minutes to do the vest and the safety instructions. Yay it was finally over and first I did my first wall and I was the best at it, even better then my dad... no offense. I did a lot of them. But soon I went to the playground called Adventure land it was pretty good but not that good. But when I was about to go on the slide I forgot my socks but who cares. That day was the the best day ever well not the best let me say one of the best days ever.
By Cohen

My EOTC experience (Rock climbing)
On Wednesday, my mum pulled up at the school drop off zone. There were three buses, I knew one of them was for my class. I quickly said goodbye to my mum and hurried out of the car towards the classroom. When I got there everyone was chatting excitedly. A few moments after I chose my friends to sit with, Mrs. Notley told us to go outside and walk to the bus. We got there a little early but we didn’t care. We had morning tea and went inside so the instructors could put on our harnesses and tell us the rules.  One of the instructors did a demonstration of how to climb and how to get down. He also showed us how to clip and unclip the hooks.

Finally! We were all free to climb walls and go to a mini playground called Adventure Land. My friends and I headed for a couple of walls before we got bored and headed towards the playground. My friend, Natalie showed us cool hiding spots because she’d been here before and knew the entire playground. Caitlin and I followed Natalie and bit by bit we discovered new things. After a bit of exploring we went on some slides and went back out to climb the walls. We all climbed at least two or three before we got bored again. We went back to Adventure Land and explored the rest of the playground.

My friends and I played hide and seek until some friends stopped playing. After that we climbed some of the walls in the playground. Then Natalie was called to do the adult walls because she was a pro. We climbed some more walls and then we went back into the playground and had a girl talk about our feelings. On the way back to school Natalie and I fell asleep. Caitlin needed to wake us up.
By Izzie

            EOTC WEEK
For EOTC week my favorite thing was rock climbing. I liked rock climbing because in the building there were lots of cool walls to climb up. Some were very high.. There were three that i was very scared of going on.. Later on in the day i overcame my fear and climbed on the walls that i was scared of. The funny thing was that i went on the highest wall that was made for adults and went all the way to the top. When i reached the top I was so scared and hot. I was so hot that i was sweating. I was so amazed. I went up it twice !!
By Chloe

EOTC (Rock Climbing)

It was finally Wednesday the 30th of November, today our class Room 18 and Room 15 were going to Extreme Edge to rock climb. Everyone had to be at school by 9:00am like always. Everyone was super excited to get on the bus and get on our way to Extreme Edge. We were very loud at the start but when Mrs Notley thought it was too loud we played a game of whoever could stay the quietest. On the way there to Extreme Edge I fell asleep until we got there, by the time we got there we had to have some morning tea.

Once we got into the building some people were very excited and some people were scared because they were afraid of heights. The staff taught us how to put our harnesses on and taught us how to clip the harness on the rope. There was another area it was called Adventure land. Izzie and I were very excited to go and play on the playground, because there were a lot of secret hideouts. There were also some areas that an adult had to clip their harness onto the rope and we had to climb a very hard course, and I tried to climb it and made it to the top.

A few hours later everyone had lunch, we couldn’t rock climb until everyone was finished with their lunch. Izzie, Caitlin and I we went to Adventureland to go on the playground and play hide and seek.  When we played hide and seek we found a secret hideout and hid there. Caitlin couldn’t find Izzie and I anywhere, so then she gave up and we went to rock climb again. When it was time to go the bus and head back to school I fell asleep again but when I woke up I felt very tired.

By Nat  

As i rode my bike to school for wheels day i was racing my mum in her car.We finally got to school, i won the race! At school I put  my bike up on the rack. Mrs Notley said all right class it is wheels day today! The class was like yay!!!! And then we started off with Mrs Notley and we were doing a challenge and 1 person had to kick the ball into the goal and another person had to kick the ball over the goal post and someone had to sing a song with 6-10 Marshmallows in their mouth!!!! And another person had to get marshmallows in a bucket with a blindfold on! And my team won with 2.12 minutes and Mrs Notley said that that was a new record!

And then we went to Mrs Slee and we had to make snowflakes and this is how we did it. You have a piece of square paper you need to draw a 2cm line on each side and once you've done that you draw a don't cut me line and you fold it with some pieces of paper and then you  fold in a out in a out in a out. And there is your snowflake


We went on the bus we got to Extreme edge we got straight onto the rock climbing walls. The first one that I did was one that I’ve never conquered.  It’s this rope one that you have to pull yourself up.  I finally did it i was so proud of myself when i did it and then i was playing in the Adventure land and after that i climbed the hardest wall ever invented even the instructor said that.! And after a long day we went to school and went home!!

Maraetai beach

We went to the beach i was so excited and i went to the kayaks first and then me and Matua were going 10000000 miles per hour  after that we went and built some rafts and then we did some BMX riding AND SOME Mountain biking. And then we did a treasure hunt!
And that was the day!!!!!
By Dylan

EOTC writing
In EOTC my highlight was Extreme Edge panmure, it was on Wednesday 30 November. I liked it because it was SO fun. I want to go there again. Even though I am afraid of heights, I nearly climbed to the top of one! (I think.) And also it was in Adventureland, which is for 9 year olds and under, so they were smaller than the normal ones.
Adventureland was BIG, awesome, and fun! In Adventureland there is a play ground. It is GIANT! In Adventureland, I found a passage, which you go into a little house, I think, and then you crouch down and go in the fireplace in there, and there is the passage. When you come out, you come out of a treasure chest, and I thought if you come up by yourself, it is kind of creepy.
There is a snakes and ladders one (not in adventureland.), and there were ladders on it, and there was a straight ladder at the bottom, so at the start I just climbed that. There is a King Kong climbing one, and it is a building you climb on, and there are things to attach yourself to, and when you come down you're like a secret agent, and you are even more like one on the King Kong one, because you climb on a building.

5 W's and H

Who did we go with? Some parents, Miss. K, Mrs. Notley, Room 18 and Room 15.
What did we do? Climb.
When did we go? On Wednesday 30th November.
Where is it? In panmure.
Why did we go there? Because it was EOTC. (Education outside the classroom.)
How did we get there? We went in a bus.
By Harry

I wake up full of excitement but why i can’t remember... then it hits me like lightning with a burst of fear and excitement all over again. Today we go to Extreme edge I jump out of bed and I get in the shower. Then I go down to breakfast it's apple porridge and brown sugar my favorite. Once I’m at school I start to play games with my friends in the class. Rooms 16 and 17 have already left for Maraetai than for what felt like five hours in the  bus we get to rock climbing. After a safety talk/check then we went rock climbing. Ash and I  explored all of the passageways in the playground and pirate ship, it was a little scary. Because in One of them you came up in a toilet. the first rock climbing wall I did was the kiwiana one it wasn’t the easiest. After that we went and tried the slide, it was freaky I was scared out of my wits. But then emma needed water and emma felt faint so I gave her water but she needed to rest so I went back and tried to find Ashlee.  After a while we found each other and she went on the slide and i went on the smaller one and that's how my day ended after a few more rock climbing walls we left. It was a lot of fun .

By kate.

 All about extreme edge rock climbing
* 9.00 we got to school
* 9.30 we got on the bus
* 10.30 we got to Extreme Edge
* 10.10 we had morning tea
* 10.25 we had to listen to instructions
*we put our harnesses on  
* 10.50 we got to play on the rock climbing walls
* 12.30 we had lunch
* 1.00 we got to play again
*2.20 we got on the bus
*2.60 we got back to school
*3.00 we went home
By Larissa

Extreme Edge
When we arrived at Extreme we had a harness put onto us so we could go rock climbing.
We saw so many walls there was a …

King Kong climbing up the empire state building

Three space ones / which Eashwar enjoyed

A jungle one for two people

Adult ones

A guitar one

Ocean ones

And so many more AMAZING walls .

Inside Extreme Edge there was another room called Adventure land.

In Adventure land there  was . . .

A 4-5 meter tall green slide

A 3-4 meter tall blue slide

Hobbit hole

Secret passages to different rooms

A massive bouncy castle slide

A pirate ship

Cabins / Pirate Cabins

Rock climbing walls

Toilet bowl

Tree house

Video games


And so much more

If i had to rate it out of 10% i would give it a 9.9%
By Keira


We went to Extreme edge and said “Wow, it is cool” and I went to
Adventure land and it was cool. Inside it had houses and slides and more>>>> I conquered my fear and MRS Notley said “good job for going up to the wall” !!!!!!
And then it was over and we had to get going and we went to the bus and we played who can be the quietest?
By Jordan

E.O.T.C writing
We were at Extreme edge I knew it was going to be fun because this was my third time going there but before we got there we were on the bus I was reading my friend Kalush’s  book it was Geronimo Stilton and the enourmouse pearl heist, it was very  cool to read because it was very interesting and long. Now back to the present we sat down outside, my best friend Eashwar had a sore stomach he was car sick but as soon as he got fresh air he was better again then I ate with my mum and my friends it was really yum!  Finally we got to go inside, it was really cool to come here again because I had different classmates and it changed a little bit. Then we were told how to put the vests on and it was fun then I went on one of the walls It was a desert one with heaps of cactuses and then I went into adventure land and it was fun because there were heaps more walls. Finally we went on the playground in Adventureland it was fun because there were heaps of slides and also there was a tree house and other cool things.

By John

 EOTC  week    (Rock climbing!Image result for happy face gif
  We left at 8:30 am  to go to Rock climbing it was so fun going up on the rock climbing walls. I went on the playground  I was playing with some boys then I went on the slide it was so scary !!! going down on the  slides. After that I was running around  the playground . Then we had to go for lunch  after lunch I went to play again then we had to go back to  school . We had to wait for the other classes to come back to school when we were waiting we played trivia  then the girls won then we got to go home.
The end !!!!!)  Happy new year 01.svg
By Sarai

Extreme edge
On Wednesday we went to Extreme edge we did rock climbing the  man told us how to use the harness then when he finished talking i went to Adventureland first. It was so much fun then i went on a few obstacles. And then i went to the adult one it hurt my muscle so i went off it. After that  i went on the inflatable slide i bent my finger so i got an ice pack i waited a few minutes then my hand felt better.Then i went to adventureland again then we ate lunch then i went on a huge obstacle  by edison the end

Tui team water fight   
Tuesday 6th December 2016
Go! Everyone rushed i felt a blast on my chest wind  blew past me i was shaking like cold ice Froze me, boom! I snapped out of it  i got my gun and  and i fierrrrrrrrrrrrrrr be quiti!ok mum as i was saying rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I had lots of fun. I hope you enjo aaaaa ha you missed splash ho come on!.
By Jasim

Rock Climbing / Extreme Edge
Creek! The bus stops and the kids start to talk louder and louder until kids start to jump out of their seats and race to the front of the bus. I slowly walk towards the door I put my foot down on the ground and walk over to the corner where everyone was sitting. 5 Minutes later one of the leaders says it’s Morning Tea time so all the kids unzip their bags and start to eat. another 5 Minutes later the kids start to listen to the leaders again to say they were about to head in and listen to the instructors for the harness and how to clip it on and off the carabiner so about 15 Minutes later the leader and instructors let us run free after about half an hour. later I went into adventure land and tried to climb this kind of volcano Rock wall and when I was little about 7-8 years old and I only got half way I was about to conquer my fear and climb the Volcano wall… the pressure is on... i slip... but I manage to get my grip back I Made It !!!I Can’t believe it!!! I made it!!! I slowly come down like I was in space I am sweating I was super proud of what I did, Later I got so hot I felt really faint and that’s when  Keira found me and took me with Kate and when we got upstairs Kate let me drink out of her drink bottle.
By Emma

Extreme Edge Rock Climbing

On Wednesday the 30th of November Room 18 and 15 from Reremoana school went to extreme edge,let’s begin the adventure

Screeech!!!! The bus stops, everybody is excited because we were at Extreme edge but they couldn’t express their emotions because Mrs Notley made us play the silent game. After we got off the bus we had morning tea then we went inside. Once we got inside the Instructor's came and told us all the safety rules like you  can’t go anywhere without telling an adult and how to attach your harness and stuff like that then we got to ClIMB and PLAY YAY! I went into Adventure land to play and let’s just say about 30 minutes in my friends and I climbed lot’s of walls,one of the walls we climbed was snakes and ladders. After that we  had lunch and we played for a bit longer then we went back to school. That was the Adventure of Extreme Edge Rock Climbing BYEE!!.
By Liam

Wednesday: me and my class rm 18 went to Extreme edge and I really liked it because I got to climb the adults rock climbing area and I wasn’t that scared because I could easily cling onto the wall but my first time I was close to get to the top of the adults rock climbing area then after my two goes at the adults one then I tried the much bigger one which I probably only made it up to half way but some others got to the top but I was only trying because It looked awesome and I felt like taking a risk also one of my dreams was to climb Everest or other mountains for example Mt Taranaki.I only described Mount Taranaki because my dad said that one day when we go on holiday to Taranaki he said that I might be able to climb Mt Taranaki.

Image result for extreme edgeImage result for extreme edgeImage result for mt taranaki summitImage result for mt taranaki eruption

Thursday: It was water fight day on the rugby field and It was a water fight version of tele-ho and tele-ho is is one of my favourite and for the water fight I had a humongous super soaker and I had a huge tank of water because I only needed to fill it up about four times.The teams were rm 18 & 15 vs 17 & 16 and it was awesome fun to have a water fight.

Friday: We went to maraetai and there were four activities biking,kayaking,building a mini raft and lastly a treasure hunt later on it was the christmas festival and i liked kayaking because it was like riding a go-kart but on water.    Image result for maraetai

By Callum

  EOTC: I am writing about rock climbing there was different rock climbing and you could pick your one there were big ones and little ones all of the rock climbings had different pictures and there was a rocket ship rock climbing wall. There were underwater rock climbing walls, there was a king kong rock climbing wall there was a pokemon rock climbing and there was even block rock climbing even there were other rock climbings and there was a adventure land and in the adventure land they had a graiff rock climbing even there were slides in there there were a green and blue slides even there was a little slide and the colour was black and red.And there was a blue slide but the blue slide was bigger then the green slide but the green slide was the same size as the blue slide and there was stearic and the green slide was better than the blue slide  and the king kong was better then all off it.
By Pharrell    

When i was on the bus i was so excited to go to rock climbing well most people call it Extreme edge but it’s to noisy and Jasim is mostly crazy about things it’s like he would not stop talking it’s like he would explode with excitement and as i was saying It’s so noisy oh finally Mrs Notley said that we’re playing the silent game Kalush Kalush can i read a book please ok thank you kalush the title of the book is calde just annoying waw i can’t believe that i am reading this oh finally where here we can have some food now aaaaaa tortillas the beast in the world whoops did i say in the world what i meant to say was in the country well thats whats i think but i like esmeraldas there my favorite food hay darius yes callum and jordan and jasim what ones are you going to go on i'm going to go on the king kong one ok i recen that i will beat you there before we put on the harnist ok time to go inside yes ready set go yus i made it there before you guys. Let’s go to adventureland wow they finally put up the slides and new playground woohoo yay it’s lunchtime let’s go and eat eee mmmm yummy tortillas ok i'm sweating now when is it time to go what i want to go on the slides again room 18 time to go oooooo no fere how come we have to go ok everyone we're playing the silent game oooooooo.
By Darius

Thanks to Mrs Prattley for taking some great photos at Extreme Edge :)